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Mos Burger sells the burger "Moss no tame" that lets the material in lettuce instead of buns. The menu is "Moss Lapse Vegetable Aurora Sauce Tailoring (320 Yen)" "Moss's Lunch Teriyaki Chicken (320 Yen)" "Moss Rape Pickle Fish (300 Yen)" "Moss's Rapeseed Shrimp Cut (350 Yen)" "Moss Lunch cutlets (340 yen) "and" Moss' s pickled chicken (280 yen) ", and sales are from April 23 to early September. In the five years from 2004 to 2008, we will have revived for the first time in five years with a menu popular among women.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Protect iPhone with extremely thick aluminum plate "1 inch Armor Case" Real Metta Batting Review - GIGAZINE

Similar fake brands · Fake products Various - GIGAZINE

Got baked in front of you and can order also grilled and dressed Kihachi-zu "Mitarashi dumpling" Tasting review - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
【This is terrible】 Misery when baking cheese bread at home bakery ... - Togetter

Chaos Channel: Mixing drink bar mix Combination strongest decision

I am suffering from bored character: 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

A dog is wearing It seems sorry seems to disappear when you see it: Kini speed

China, masterpiece's masterpiece "Skip iPhone with chopsticks from a bicyclist's pocket" Too deftly Warota: iPhone chan

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Successful announcement of cancer stem cell death NHK News

News - Ancient World - Ancestor of Flores Hara is a Java Mana - National Geographic Official Japanese Site (Nasojio)

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Licin addressed to US President, arresting a man in Mississippi = FBI | World | Reuters

[With image] Large explosion at factory in Texas: Kini speed

World's first seedless sweet persimmon theft, pulled out of the field of Fukuoka prefecture - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

CNN.co.jp: Boston bombings terroristic suspects appearing suspect or men of video images chase away

Girls aged 16 months infected with HIV, transfused blood not examined Russian international news: AFPBB News

A fallen man crashes at the station stairs Collide female death NHK News

Living kidney transplantation, kidney donor's woman died during surgery: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

I saw an Apache movie in the USA but I was really hit by a mince w: philosophy news nwk

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Writing "Shura no kuni / Fukuoka" popular in the net "Can Fukuoka citizens" request deletion? Lawyer Dot Com Topics

Although it is not without a means to cause the court to file an action seeking deletion, there is no winning count. Of course, I can not ask for payment of consolation fee

Shimura, why did you refuse to accept the signature to stop selling fur products? | Business Journal

【2ch】 New speed quality: "I do not want to have sex!" In recent years, "explosive increase in sexual aversion disorder"

Tokyo Newspaper: Lunch Box on Road Does it Disappear from the City Center? Consider strengthening regulation to sudden increase: society (TOKYO Web)

Tell me "The murder case committed by a child": Untitled document

Three percent of meal expenses are occupied by milk alone, but I want to do something [2 ch]

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The Ministry of Justice stepped into obsolete clauses? | Slashdot Japan IT

World's first * * SIGMA 18-35 mm F1.8 DC HSM announced large-aperture standard zoom lens for APS-C which realized the open value F 1.8 throughout the zoom range | Sigma Inc.

【Special Feature】 Toshiba 'dynabook KIRA V832' seen in pictures ~ Ultrabook with ultra high resolution WQHD LCD

News - Google, 1 Gbps high speed network "Google Fiber" 3rd place is Provo of Utah: ITpro

A server story that it rushes to the consumer SSD when writing too much and breaks if it writes - mura diary (halfrack)

Anonymous raising $ 50,000 for launching news site «WIRED.jp

Why is it like this, Pepabo founder Mr. Kazumasa Komi sought to overthrow orders Designer Katsura Wakano Mr. Buchikure: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

【Breaking News】 Korean people's Japanese impersonation problem in Japan, number one in domestic news access! Inside Japan knew the truth - Mix news bulletin

LIG's second-rate marriage episode is a story that is a goose story and not impressive - Hagex-day info

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"Stapler! "Held a digital stamp rally collaborated with the Nagoya Railroad! ~ MEITETSU × stapler! Departure progress by! ~ (Toei Animation Co. Press Release)

Anime "Shigeru Donmai" NHKE Tele "Aoyama One Seg Development" On June Air Determined! It is! | News & Media Introduction

Kitchen Giraffe Co., Ltd. | Kitchen Giraux x Stein's Gate Collaboration "Moutsu Especially Spice" Special Page

"My sister" Ayase's abusive video is too reward wwwwwww voice actor ☆ Flash News

Anime "SAO" "Saji no Saji" director Tomohiko Ito interview | East sports web - Tokyo sports newspaper

Former neta of tank game which appeared in animation "Girls & amp; Panzer": Runner's High!: So-net blog

On Thursday May 30, 2013 Xbox 360 Angry Princess Bees Big Breaking Up Animation Complete - YouTube

Torkaizer Trailer - MEFCC 2013 - YouTube

Want to eliminate newborn girls ...?

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Business Media Makoto: Kosu Hironobu's sports behind the scenes communication: Countdown to Ichiro retirement (1/4)

Defense of yesterday's bay wwwwwwwwwww: What J Bomber

102: Wind blowing if nothing: 2013/04/18 (Thursday) 02: 03: 19.59 ID: i5hN5Joh

Why did it seem to be behind the runner

Across the play beyond being able to get out of running a runner

What J PRIDE: 【Baseball】 Burnett's Boki gure wwwwwwwwwww

[Sad news] Hiroshima, Nomura Yusuke, shoulder joint lip injury and diagnosis: : There was pleasure to put together myself J

Sayobo "It does not hurt. It does not hurt today (Nikkori): Orix's bulletin

9: Wind blowing if nothing: 2013/04/18 (Thursday) 08: 15: 27.34 ID: rP6uoV6D
Koushinen winner pitcher Saito Yuki is leaving real world away from the ball world is punctuated

What is a stadium @ N J summary: 【Good news】 Kawasaki, with 1 baseball to the first multi after transfer. 364!

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
A flavor coffee with a sense of dolce feeling reminiscent of "tiramisu" "Mount Rainier Cafe Latte Tiramisu Latte" Notice for a limited time release from May 14 (Tue)

~ "Daily Premium (R)" New product launched from Ice Bar "PARM (Palm)"! ~ Strawberry ice cream mixed in a spiral shape and strawberry sorbet "Fruit PARM (palm) strawberry" New release all over the country from Monday, May 13!

New release of 18 models of enterprise PC 10 series: Fujitsu

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