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Interlink will vote for "Otaku Senryu Aya Grand Prize by the 8th Anniversary" and Otaku Ryo Yanagi Official Mascot "Nyako Shikibu" to decide the fifth generation character "Cat Ear Character Audition"Start accepting today from 18:00 on Tuesday, February 12We announced that. "Although it is the most mysterious work in the rear, it is difficult to exceed the" Dufufkopo ufufupofofokanupou "(the 7th 4th place) which produced great reaction on the net, many opinions have been received However, please also create new deeds with your vote this time ".

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

When I went to Machu Picchu without paying as much money as possible, I got a little adventure - GIGAZINE

Wonder Festival 2012 [winter] opening, summary of all articles Summary - GIGAZINE

Magical Girl Madoka Magika's Gigantic Magical Musket Gun Tows Makuhari Messe - GIGAZINE

Unique cosplay photo summary in every sense in one festive 2012 [winter] - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
【This is good】 Tamori "The story of a strange neat world" |

I will draw a VIP village at low price Part 2 - Golden Times

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Image】 Topic on the new work" Cabbage salad "of cooking researcher Sonoyama Makihide is too severe - livedoor blog

Who can play an active part in war who is good at FPS and who is good at it? Blowing speed - VIP

FPS kitchen
It will not die even if struck by 9 mm head
Scratching will stop when you lie down.
The bullet flew in the middle of the aim if it aims
Take away weapons with tremendous speed
That's amazing.

I live alone, but I enjoy talking with "people with hot water temperature" watching www - Golden Times

Things common in Jackie Chan's movies BIP blog

[There is a picture] Yamato Transport and Yamato Transport helping Sagawa Express who has been hooked in the precincts and Japanese mails Sharping hot friendships! - Breaking news +

Criminal poster is Moe animation character wwwwwwwwwwwww - Mr.!

How was the European parody AV "Floor Jaws" born? 【Manufacturer Interview】 | Nikkan SPA!

VIPPER me: Organization of evil "First of all it's Japan at the beginning" ← Why?

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Mars probe Carurio City, first sampling a hole in a rock Photo 6 pictures International News: AFPBB News

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
PC remote control: Anonymization software, site connection without mistake - Daily jp (Mainichi newspaper)

NHK News announces his resignation on 28th Pope

Reporters of the pope's abdication, the key to success Latin international news: AFPBB News

Possibility of nuclear test by North Korea, Prime Minister Abe 's response in every means | Reuters

Japan Meteorological Agency | Press release presentation in Heisei 20

At 11:59 February, 12th, Heisei 20th (Japan time), we observed a seismic wave with epicenter near North Korea at the Meteorological Agency. This earthquake may not be a natural earthquake.

The painful news (No ∀ `): 96-year-old husband arrested for suspected killing bedridden wife ... Nara - Livedoor blog

Rushed to 100 customers, Immediately after opening a supermarket for women, Osaka - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

【Core of Impact Case】 "Scout Group" dragging despairing women of "a while" into "prostitute life" signature like a beast (1/4 page) - MSN sanma west

The store opened in 2008. There were 3 rooms in the store, 6 women worked as prostitutes. The price starts from 15,000 yen for 30 minutes. The average number of passengers in the shop was seven people a day, with sales of about 100,000 yen. In Matsushima Shinchi, it is a very average buyout brothel. However, the reason for the attention of the prefectural police was the existence of a certain prostitution organization emerging from the story of the women.

Asahi Shimbun Digital: 6 junior high school students and others arrested Suspected of killing acquaintance by violence Oita - society

McDonald's · President Harada, the end of myth? | Company | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

The biggest factor in operating profit declines is the stagnation of the discount strategy and the slump in high-priced products. McDonald 's has raised sales with a strategy of collecting customers with 100 yen coffee, 100 yen hamburgers, discount coupons, and a strategy to sell high - priced items such as a set menu of 600 yen to repeaters.

Mr. Murdoch suggests that the U.S. newspaper will stop posting nude | Speech of the world | Reuters

Osaka · Corporal punishment: Sakuramiya High Reformer Reforming City Adviser Yoshinori Yanagimi Previous Director - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Ultra Q, Lupine the Third, Iron Man of Cook ...... It divided the victory or defeat of the remake program The basis of the hit that the reprint version should inherit from the original | The market can be seen! Theory to grab a person's heart | Diamond Online

Foreigner "I can not believe a crowded train in Japan": abdominal collapse news

【! sad news! 】 My company may go bankrupt | Sorry regret

Is it safe now? Summary of dangerous ingredients ranked when the expiration date expires.

The moment when I think "Oh, this is a bad head": \ (^ o ^) / Owata breaking news

Documents when I was doing business exposed, so expose: Untitled document

Female (31) "Today is a safe day so please put it in!" I am, "Yeah," Pampang: cooks were VIPPER

1: Below, we will send VIP instead of nameless: 2013/02/11 (Monday) 18: 29: 22.54 ID: qQfR8usB0

Mr., 24 years old

Tell me how to divide a round cake into five equal parts by kitchen knife only: [2 ch] Breaking Dishes

Will it be libelous to criticize as a "black company" in the Internet bulletin board and blog? | Lawyer Dot Com Topics

Discover newspaper advertisements in near future communication! Please read through what lies were on. Nursing master's job and life record / Web blog

Life collapses if you do not enjoy regaining the middle-aged period ← Adults will not tell me why? | Life Hack Channel 2

Results after getting MT car for the first time at the school wwwwwwwwwwww Buru speed - VIP

Behavior to make the atmosphere of the place worse at karaoke: VIP with toxicity

What is a PET bottle of beer? Is it? : [2 ch] Breaking Dishes

Result of leaving the New Year's party to a woman wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww |

【Image】 Tokyo Science University, Faculty of Science and Technology School of Science and Technology School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering timetable is too much www: Untitled Document

It is rude to poor or small breasts - Togetter

Woman: "But I think you have reason to cheating" ←! Is it? WWwWW: My sister is VIPPER

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Huge sushi flowing with luggage Regional airport, objects PR - Society

Assistance ● Misdirected and misdirected guidance: Kini speed

Asahi Shimbun Digital: A cafe in which Osamu is welcoming and enjoying watching, in Osaka - Society

"Yes" "Understood" of his subordinates is not convinced, but as I am just saying, the manifest voice of the manager who is troubled with the development of the "clear generation" | Behavioral Science Management Introductory | Diamond Online

Humans will change so far in 10 months! : 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

Confession result to all girls in class wwwwwww sticky .com

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Tomita Quantum Activity Report: Professor Norton erases the file of 200,000 yen brilliantly and excitingly!

Wonderful video posting life? | Preview of Kurobe observational note | Close-up modern staff's room: NHK

Foreigner: \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: [Remote operation incident] Fuji TV "When there are two home-made PCs from home, it is highly possible that the virus is also self-made" - Livedoor blog

3: Pixie Bob (Osaka): 2013/02/12 (Tue) 11: 45: 07.97 ID: uQmy 2 WkG 0
I have four, I'm superhacked

Makoto Biz.ID: Personal site administrator's "eyes": Poor survey of "summary site" is dangerous! Shadows hidden behind clarity (1/3)

By the way, do you see some news titled "Topics on ○ ○!" On some Internet media? Actually, just because the writer of the article wants to talk about that story topically, it is actually only things that are not so much talked about. Introducing the comments of users who are excited in part, it seems as if everyone is talking about everything. Moreover, it does not provide information that we have properly examined, it is just an article on what we "listened" on the net. I think that such a net media is about the same position as the summary site, so I will not consider it as primary information.

【Responsive response! 】 At a minimum, basic free wordpress templates to customize "bee-responsive 1.0" - Banidazanoote

The source from which the remote control virus called "source code" was found is here - the world is yours.

Rakuten, strengthen mail-order business for smartphones - President Mikkya "Over half of orders from smartphones will be exceeded next year"

Google and mobile advertisements are aiming to raise prices Unsatisfied with policy change of search interlocking advertisement

Thailand's Internet for the men who will die if there is no internet fixed circumstances Fixed line compilation - Thai diary's diary

Let's user tells Let'snote! ~ Panasonic holds user conference where developer's secret story pops out - PC Watch

I would like you to write a review on amazon if it is interesting to read a book - Togetter

Over the next three years 80% of agency and experts in listing ads will be replaced by algorithms. | SEM-LABO

Apple, is developing an "iOS" watch adopting curve glass - CNET Japan

Blog on Digital Media> "It is not a website, no magazine, it is not a book" "When ultra small publication" innovates media

I am angry! It is! It is a request of submergence of iPhone 4S from Takatsuki city, repair of liquid crystal crack. | Smart Doctor Takatsuki

I built a VPN server for use from Android to Sakura's VPS | wheat dot net

External keyboard which makes iPad real laptop computer Brydge | Lifehacking.jp

[AWS Announcement] The DNS failover function has been added to Route 53. Create backup sites linked with S3 web hosting function. - Amazon Web Services Blog

The new function of Route 53, DNS file over, allows you to monitor the website you are running and to automatically direct visitors to the backup site when the site goes down.

GitHub founder speaks "trajectory": an open source style management method practiced by GitHub - @ IT

What is the real problem faced by Apple «maclalala 2

Asp programmer I may live overseas and work better [series: Murakami Fukuyo ⑫] - Engineer type

· Crowdsourcing was able to be done and it became possible to work through the net worldwide.
· The unit price of the programmer depends on the ability, it has become possible to take work with high unit price regardless of the place.
· Asp programmer I would like to luxury by hiring a maid at a large house in a country with a low cost.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
Followers braided with annoying animations - believe me, too Mr. J

Thelmae Romaue: The next issue in the next issue Ending the serial series in the next issue Popular "bath" comic books hit by movies - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

Gray image collection of rare Gundam: Rattle speed VIP

Miso Shobo. "A popular magazine came over when I forgot and reset everything" - Togetter

A trend that people with high drawing skills are good at drawing | Moe illustration improvement method! Drawing beginner's study room

Speaking of animation three major cases

New speed VIP collection I want to die with the same name as my Kyara name my name ...

About Job Opportunities of Juvenile Jump Hero

If another, paste the image that it is dead: Gimetto

I asked the Showa era, how much was Sailor Moon so amazing? : Giveaway news

41: Below, VIP will send you a nameless matter 2013/02/11 11:25:24 ID: VjFnBxBt0
Mangas Japan I brought my old-fashioned to a time zone on Sunday morning It was terrible as I ended it

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
【Horse racing】 Hana: I tried to verify what happens when I exchange the 1/2 clothes of the GI race which I made a difference: : There was pleasure to put together my own J

Paul McCartney, Mistaken for Roadside Musicians | News Walker

【Discussion in Kansai】 Average audience rating 20% ​​"Detective! Night Supe" "Planning from Talents" Broadcasting Artist (1 / 3page) - MSN Sankei west

"FC Tokyo Festival 2013 (@ Tokyo Racecourse)", pamphlets are gone because of too many people, obviously difficult to secure rice: footballnet

This pose of Perfume wwwwwwwwww: Untitled document

【IH】 Takasu clinic to support girls astoundly! 100 million yen & Orthodonta: winter sports: sports: sports information

According to Mr. Takasu, it was said that there was a request from the former "Please teacher, please make small face". "Since women players clench their teeth when they are fighting, Ella plays, so I want to make a small face by striking an injection that makes Ela's muscles lean." Generally, the injection is about 150,000 yen once. Four injections are needed every three months, totaling 600,000 yen per person, but Mr. Takasu asserted, "Of course it is free, only when the Sochi Olympics is over".

- Horse news I -: Snow horse racing "White Turf" running on a frozen lake in Switzerland, held in February 106th anniversary this year

Attacking the image of Takashi Toriya Sleeve | Feeling the Tora Soul @ N

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Piano painted "Premium Edition" released from speaker system "ES series" | Press release | Sony

[News] Everyone can enjoy nostalgic analog games that everyone knows! Release of 5 play game cases for iPhone 5

"Bayy Lease Orange" "Baiyasuri Apple" New Release | News Release 2012 | Company Information | Asahi Beverage
Renew from March 26 (Tue).

A dessert drink that tastes the texture like fruit! "Feeling Giant Peak" February 19 (Tue) New Release | News Release | Company Information |

Notice of new release of "Sanji delicious Sanuki Udon even at Range", "Inany garden noodles" and "Same coarse ground soba" new release | News release | Corporate information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.
New release in the whole country from February 25 (Monday), cooking even if you chin in range other than boiling.

~ Breakfast delicious in the morning, breakfast soup ~ "Corn soup cup with proper breakfast soup toast" Start selling nationwide from February 18, 2013 (Monday) - News Release | Company Information | Pokka Sapporo
168 yen including tax.

Newly appeared in cranky chicken combining chicken and potato! "Cranky chicken dry (fresh)" new release! | Press Release | MINISTOP
198 yen including tax.

"Quantity, taste, price" Nissin 3 rich turnip! "Nissin so kabutoan kitsuneidon" "Nissin soba noodle fried noodle soba" "Nissin soba noodles 1.5 roasted soba soy sauce" "Nissin soba noodles 1.5 pig kimchi "1.5-corn miso in the Nissin soybean" "Netsuki soba soba 1.5 meta oil tonkotsu" February 25, 2013 (Mon) New release & amp; Renewal release
, "Nissin so kabuto an egykudon" and "Nissin so kabutoan fried ball soba" are released.

"Luxury to eat with ingredients." Fulfilling "Nissin-baked Porklaw koku soy sauce" New release on February 25, 2013 (Monday)

【Foods】 It is cute and you can make delicious waffle with just water! "Waffle Cafe" New Release | News Releases | Kracie

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