I chewed Mexican cheese that "sake cheese" referred to in the field

"Reduction cheese"There is a pleasant pleasant to split easily into a fibrous shape, but cheese that became the basis of the idea is MexicanOaxacaSo I searched on the site and tried it.

nice to meet you all,World newspaperMy name is Keihito Kiya.

Matsuzaki, my former desk, was indebted to me. I think that I will deliver overseas material for the next six months. Thank you. I am around the world right now in Mexico 's city of Oaxaca.

Oaxaca is around here

The streets of Oaxaca. It is reminiscent of Spanish colonial eraColonial styleBuildings are lining up

Zocalo of the city (central square)

Everyone seems to be spending time wondering.

A corner of a souvenir shop is next to Zocalo.

Oaxaca is also famous for embroidery

Among the gourmet powers Mexico Oaxaca is particularly known for its distinctive food culture. PhotoMole NegroSimmered chicken sauce called chocolate sauce.

And here in Oaxaca we went to find a city because there was cheese that Japanese "bamboo cheese" referred to. This is the street in front of the inn.

I found a pizzeria. Let's strike a hand here ....

It looks delicious ... but it has a patience.

I can see something that looks like a market. This can be expected!

Suspicion, infiltration.

I found Sombrero as it is the image of Mexico.

Chile is indispensable for Mexican people

There are also many vegetables

The meat office is full of fishy smells

The band was playing. Hilarious rhythm is comfortable ... Hey cheese, I forgot.

Deward cheese ......

Where is?

Is there a keso O'kejaño (bamboo cheese)?

"This is it!" And the uncle pointed to Kore. Is this hen? I checked with my uncle again, but it does not seem to be wrong ... ....

There are also small sizes

Even such a big one

Some were not wound.

Cheese is in the bowl

The clerk took it out in a hurry ... ...

I started rolling! That mysterious shape was done like this

I got "Okake cheese" from Oaxaca

At the inn's kitchen. Well, what are you going to do with this guy?

Try pulling for a while ... ... will stretch!

Are they really torn?

Oh! To rip!

Further split! The degree of splitting is almost the same as that of Japan

I can not finish with such things.

I'm pretty much torn.

It seems no longer slime.

Before, it is after

It can also be used as Misanga

Indeed, real meals. Is it somewhat thicker than Japanese ones? Well ... something is missing.

Then come out! Mexican soul food, tortilla!

Carefully baking,

Place the cheese ......

Completion But a bit lonely ......

Oh, older sister, that is not it! Is it?

Chilean sauce of the heaven!

did it

Let us eat

good! Cheese melts slowly and tangles frequently with Chile! To memorialize with your older sister ......

High, cheese.

(Sentence / picture:World newspaper/ Keihito Kiya)

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