I tried making bread using both old and new versions of "GOPAN" which can make bread from rice

To make rice with rice and rice in white rice and water, just put in ingredients such as white rice and water, shortening and so on make home baked bread is "GOPAN". Although it is GOPAN which was released in 2010 and explosively popular, in 2013 it is a new compact size & low noise design "SD-RBM 1001Since it was released, I tried to actually purchase it and see how different the old and new versions are.

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New on the left is "new compact size" & "low noise design" new GOPAN, the right side is the old type GOPAN.

First of all, it looks like this when it is directly in front. The width of the new model is 24.0 cm, the old model is 35.8 cm and it is different by 10 cm or more.

The state seen from above.

side. The new model has a depth of 31.5 cm, the old model has 28.2 cm, and the installation area is about 25% down.

Impression that the new model is also stylish compared to the old model in terms of design.

Steam mouth etc. on the back.

Outlet was stored inside the main body.

When opening the lid the inside looks like this.

The lid has a container for containing gluten and yeast and a container for putting raisins and nuts when arranging it. This "raisin-nut container" is a new type of feature that was not found in the former GOPAN, it is a specification that allows you to knead vegetables into fabrics and select breaded ingredients if you select "Arrange Course".

So I will actually make rice bread in the new GOPAN. First take out the rice pan case and rice pan blades from the main body.

I will assemble the rice pan blades.

Firmly install the rice pan at the bottom of the rice pan case.

Next I will start preparing to make a bowl of bread. First of all, we measure white rice in a scale of 220 g. At this time the rice has not been washed yet.

Then wash the rice, put it on the scale again, add water to make it 420 g this time.

Transfer it to a rice pan case ... ...

17 g of sugar, 5 g of salt and 10 g of butter.

And set the rice pan case in the main body.

Next, put 50 g of wheat gluten and 2.8 g of dry yeast in a gluten-yeast container.

Complete by setting it in the lid.

Afterwards, select the rice dish of menu button "1" and press "start" OK.

According to the instruction manual, the time for making rice bread is 4 hours 30 minutes. It goes through the process of inundation, milling, scrubbing, ending, fermentation, baking, and is completed.

In this process called "Mill", we grind rice, but in the old GOPAN it is quite loud, and when we move GOPAN in one room apartment etc. in the middle of the night it sounds too big and it was a level of noise that I could not sleep However, the new GOPAN has been structured to grind rice at a low revolution than before, which means that we succeeded in reducing driving noise. So I tried to compare how much it actually is different, driving both old and new GOPAN.

First of all, the Android applicationnoise meterUsing the new GOPAN side measures the size of the sound before driving. The result is 31 dB, which is said to be the noise level of the library.

The state of the new GOPAN while driving can be seen from the following movie.

I tried driving a new GOPAN of compact size & low noise design - YouTube

The new GOPAN, which is in the process of "Mill", is 51 dB, about the same as when the fan and the cooler make the most sound.Air cleanerThere are also 45 to 50 dB of the level, so even if you use it on a daily basis it will not get in the way.

Next let's see how the old GOPAN is driving.

When bringing the sound level meter closer to the side of the former GOPAN before driving, the result is almost the same as 32 dB at the time of the new GOPAN.

You can see how the old GOPAN is driving from the following movies.

I tried to drive the former GOPAN which makes bread from rice - YouTube

When I measured the size of the sound on the side of GOPAN while crushing rice, this was 65 dB.

Looking at the magnitude level of noise, 50 dB is "quiet", but over 60 dB is "bullshit", which seems not to change very much when you look at only the numbers, but actually listen The impression was quite different in size.

What is db in the first placeDisplay method considered to make the numerical value which becomes difficult to understand because the number of digits becomes very large when displayed in magnification, to make the number comparatively easy to understand while suppressing the number of digitsIt is said that "60 dB of sound is six-fifths of the sound of 50 dB", it is said that the difference of 10 dB is tripled when magnification is set, and 10 dB is multiplied by 20 dB.

Therefore, the difference between the noise of the new and old GOPAN with a difference of 15 dB becomes very large. Although the driving sound of the new GOPAN was at a level that did not get in the way even on a daily basis, the old GOPAN is noisy and it repeats the sounds and stops, so it is surprising to the sound which suddenly sounds bad for the heart It was level. In addition, although 60 dB is expressed as "quiet passenger car / ordinary conversation", I feel quite noisier than normal conversation because of different sound types.

Four hours and a half later, rice bread was completed. Baked with baked colors from the breadcrumbs looks peeped. Place the rice pan case on the toilet and let it cool for about 2 minutes.

I tried taking it out of the case.

Rice bread made with new GOPAN on the left and old GOPAN on the right. The new GOPAN adopts a new heating structure, it has become evenly burnable to the top surface and the top face of the former GOPAN was soft, but the new GOPAN was finished like crisp as well as the side .

In addition, the new GOPAN is a specification in which the rice pan disappears when baking pan from the case.

Slicing it in, the inside looks like this.

Because freshly baked is very soft, it is hard to cut.

Sliced ​​bread is soft enough to bend with crocheties when in hand.

However, unlike in the middle, the part of Heta is a hard finish like a French baker's omelette.

Fabrics are rich, and there is no scent unique to wheat. I am using sugar, but the moment I put it in my mouth is stronger, saltiness is stronger, I feel a faintness of the original sweetness of rice as it keeps chewing.

It is delicious as it is, but I will attach maple & butter as it's no problem.

Of course this is delicious with this, but because there is no fragrance of wheat it feels a bit unsatisfactory.

continueDaniels Fire RoastTry on and eat it is very good. other than this,Calpis Soft,Honey butter, Heinz balsamic ketchup etc together, we found that it is compatible with Calpis soft and honey butter which did not match bread. It seems to be the reason why the taste of Calpis and Honey can not be canceled because the smell of bread does not occur. In addition, it is not easy to match with rice-based toppings, as it is not commonly used butter and sugar like commercially available bread.

In addition, the menu that the old GOPAN can make is not only bread but various things such as rice cake and udon ... ....

In addition to that, the new GOPAN seems to be able to make a menu with more ingredients, and it seems quite usable.

That's why not only the compact size & low noise design, but also the new GOPAN "SD-RBM 1001" evolved everywhere, as well as those who are new to the future, even those who already have GOPAN, The point which had become a bottleneck has been solved, and the value worth buying if you make rice bread every day. The lowest price at the price .com on April 9 is32,200 yenis.

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