I tried two types of bowls and bowls, 25th anniversary special menu "Chicken Bowl - Special Mayo Dare", "Natural Shrimp and Confucius Tropical Bowl"

Tempura bowlAs a special menu for the 25th anniversary,"Chicken bowl - Special made Mayo"When"Natural big shrimp and a bowl of Confucius"We sell two types from March 28th. Since it is a considerable volume feeling as far as seeing the product image, I went to eat and prepared to eat.

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Arrived at Ten and Ikebukuro branch.

At the shop, posters of "Chicken Bowl - Special Mayo Doll ~".

I found "Chicken bowl - Special made Mayo" in the menu. Miso soup comes with a single item, and it costs 590 yen including tax, and it is 650 yen including tax when placing half-egg egg.

"Tropical bowl of Natural big shrimp and Confucius" is 980 yen including tax including miso soup on the bowl.

"Chicken bowl - Special made Mayo" set arrived. The chicken sky is big enough to protrude from the bowl.

Tempura of chicken pickled in salt koji is cut into three pieces and shredded cabbage, special made mayonnaise and skillet are topped.

Try eating chicken, the flesh is quite thick and freshly baked clothing is crispy. The flesh of the meat often tends to be fleshy without feeling soft. Although it seems to be quite a lot, chicken weapon is used too much so that chopsticks advance steadily. Because it is 590 yen with miso soup added to this as it is a single item, it is quite profitable and recommended.

Break half-egg eggs.

If you eat a chicken sky with a half-egg egg, it matches exquisitely. However, even if there is no semi egg egg, it is not mandatory as it is tasty enough.

Next, I will eat 'Natural big shrimp and a bowl of Confucius'.

Tempura of natural big shrimp and natural tempura, tempura of indigenous toppings are topped. The chicken bowl is so big that it seems to be a little illusion, but the shrimp top and Confucius heaven are quite a sense of size.

As the ball gets bitten, the size of the shrimp is bigger than expected, and the size of the tempura that tends to be in cheap tempura and the size of the inside are never different at all, you can enjoy big tempura, but it is 980 yen separately Impression that it is a little expensive price setting.

In addition, "Natural big shrimp and Tenko of Confucius" is sold until April 24, and there is no take-away menu, but "Chicken bowl - Special Mayo who" is sold until May 29 on the other hand As a take-away for 550 yen including tax 550 yen "Chicken Tenpodon Lunch Box - Special Mayo Doll ~ (With Osaka, No Cabbage)", With half-egg eggs up 50 yen up to 600 yen including tax.

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