"Smart Herb Garden" which can grow herbs even if the sunlight is automatic with watering & LED light automatically

Growing plants such as herbs is hard work with doing water and sunlight everyday, so there are many people who have died during absence such as traveling. So by setting soil containing seeds in the equipment and replenishing 1 liter of water, watering is automatically carried out and the LED light ensures the sunshine necessary for the plant even in indoor indoor places Because "Smart Herb Garden"is.

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It is Smart Herb Garden that you can grow basil, time, mini tomato etc even indoors where light does not enter.

It will be possible to grow mini tomatoes, peppers, sage, coriander, basil, lemon balm indoors.

Detailed explanations such as the structure of Smart Herb Garden can be seen from the following movies.

This is Mattias Lepp, founder of Click & Grow.

Smart Herb Garden is a plant development kit developed after 3 years of research. It is made for urban people who do not have sufficient gardens, people with a lot of journeys, people who have experienced plant dying up to now.

We already do watering automaticallykitAlthough it is on sale, the new kit for which this investment is being raised plus the LED light, the size is roughly 30 cm in length × 12 cm in width × 29 cm in total height, and weighs 850 g. There are two LED bulbs of 3W, and it is the shape of a plug that matches the majority of Western outlets.

The main body is set with replaceable soil (cartridge). The soil is molded and seeds are included, so you can just set it to the equipment as is OK. There is no need for implantation work etc.

At first glance it seems to be an irresistible soil, it is made of materials produced by NASA's research aimed at cultivating plants under the environment outside the earth, and oxygen and fertilizer necessary for plant growth It is structured to encapsulate it and confine it.

In the usual form, when water is applied to the soil, the nutrients inside will flow out and oxygen will also be lost due to the pressure of the water, but since Smart Herb Garden has everything necessary for growing plants firmly, Even plants grow well.

Set the soil in the equipment, replenish 1 liter of water, plug in the outlet, the watering will be done automatically and the plants will grow up quickly.

In addition, LED lights are raising plants unnaturally, adopting an LED with the optimum wavelength for growing plants. Because the total of 6 W light, even one year electricity charge is also economically about 400 to 500 yen.

This is Click & Grow.

How to use the kit currently on sale · How to grow plants can be seen from the following movies. The kit that is being developed this time seems to be turning on the LED light on the following, it is designed to take electricity from a direct outlet instead of a battery.

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In addition, we are currently looking for funds to develop improved versions with LED lights. The Smart Herb Garden set with 3 types of cartridges, Time, Basil and Lemon Balm is available for $ 39 (approx. 3800 yen), and you can get pink, orange and green items when you invest 49 dollars (about 4700 yen) I will.

The deadline is 2:01 am May 1, 2013.

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