Film "Captain Herlock" special information release video, Harlock conquers the ocean of the universe

"Space Pirate Captain Herlock" announced by Mr. Zenzo Matsumoto known as "Galaxy Railway 999" from 1972 to 1979, will be "rebooted" as a movie after more than 30 years, The video has been released. The official website has already been opened, but it contains cuts different from the images seen on the site.

Space Pirate Captain Harlock - SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK -

There are two kinds of visuals and messages on the official website. One is "fight against one that binds yourself"

The other is "All for freedom"

Synopsis is as follows.

It may be a far future, or a far past.
In the era when the galaxy advanced to the end, mankind who lost the remaining frontier caused the conflict over the place to return = the residence right to the earth.
Four death / shadowweight space battleships built as trump cards of this conflict. The name of that ship 4 · captain's name such as Harlock.
However, Harlock called a hero disappeared with the end of the war.
And then when he revealed, he became a cursed Space Pirate driving a pirate ship engraved with a huge skull on the bow and turned a revolt against the government.
Why did Harlock disappear and appeared to be a pirate? What is his purpose?
And now ..., Harlock assassination plan was issued -.

Here is the public information visual image.

Movie "Captain Herlock" special information footage - YouTube

"Pirates that shook the whole world revive now"

The original set is Zenzo Matsumoto. The skull flag is visible.

Directed by Aramaki Shinji of "APPLE SEED" "EX MACHINA", the legs are Haruuto Fukui of "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" "Aegis of the Exiled".

Captain Harlock with characteristic scars on his face

By saying "the SF action sortie the world wanted", the total production cost is the greatest amount of 30 million dollars (about 2.8 billion yen) which is the highest amount of Toei Animation history.

The movie will be released in the fall of 2013.


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