CM movie where pervert masks crack down violators of movie theaters

A manner CM appeared in which a transformation mask that wears a girl's panty "cross ah!" (Undressing) and defeats the evil crack down violators who appear in the movie theater. As a mannerman CM, a man whose head is a video camera is caught "NO MORE Movie thiefAlthough it is well known, there seems to be a problem with those who control it ....

Movie 'HK / Metamorphosis mask' Theater Manner CM - YouTube

A man who entered the cinema while talking with a mobile phone

I continued talking even after sitting down, which is very annoying.

But during a call, the radio went bad somehow and if you confirm, "It's my daughter's thumb" and a transfiguration mask ....

"The use of mobile phones in theaters is forbidden!"

A woman turning the video camera toward the screen

Since weird things were reflected, I looked up and ...

My pervert metaphor says "It's my gold ball", it stopped shooting.

"Recording and recording in theaters is forbidden!"

A man who is throwing a big foot

"Pervert is impossible to put your legs on the front seat!"


Naturally, nakedness is forbidden inside the theater, please do not wear panties.

Whether or not it is good to leave crackdown on violation of manners to metamorphosis mask ......

Movie "HK / Metamorphosis mask" released on April 13So, this manor movie is showing at some theaters. People who are seen may be lucky.

The trailer looked like this.

Movie 'HK / Hentai Mask' Trailer - YouTube

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