Pictures showing inside the unknown Apple data center and the actual state of the system are open to the public

Music and movies that can be downloaded on iTunes, various iOS applications, iBooks e-books, Siri's data processing, map data that has become decent in version upgrades, iCloud's all kinds of data, It is delivered from within the data center constructed in Maiden, North Carolina State, and it is officially announced that it has finally achieved 100% renewable energy, and it deals with the data of Apple users collectively I can understand a little inside the cloud.

Apple - Environment - Renewable Energy

First of all this is the official movie filming Apple's data center. It is a considerable area, and the data of Apple users are packed here.

Apple - Data Center Solar Array - Maiden, NC - YouTube

The data center and solar array solar array installation site are like this

As an energy source, it is possible to output 20 MW by spreading solar batteries on an area of ​​100 acres in 2012 and can supply 42 million kWh per year. In addition, similar facilities will be completed in 2013 that will also be able to supply 20 MW of power nearby.

In addition, it has a fuel cell of 10 MW, secures renewable energy exceeding 83 million kWh annually, and produces electricity that can maintain the house of 17,600 houses in total, actually 167 million kWh , I use it only for Apple.

Adopted a cold water heat storage system to improve cooler efficiency in the data center

In the data center, this is the system that switches to air-cooling in the nighttime or cooler time period, a system that controls very accurately only the airflow necessary for cooling the server with variable speed fans And adopts high voltage distribution to reduce power loss.

Furthermore, the design and design of the white roof which maximizes the reflectance of the sun, the highly efficient LED lighting interlocking with the motion sensor, 14% of the material for monitoring, analyzing and constructing in real time all the time in operation is recycled 93% of the construction waste diverted from the landfill waste disposal facility is procured from 500 mile (800 kilometers) of the material parts.

In other words, this huge data center is Apple's pride "cloud".

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