Twitter 7th Anniversary Official Summary Movie Released, Content of Japan's Strong Attitude

According to Twitter official blogThere are 200 million Twitter users worldwide, tweeting 400 million times dailyThat is a celebration of the fact that seven years have elapsed since the world's first tweet was done at 5:50 on March 22, 2006, Japan time, the official movie reflecting the past seven years trajectory It was published on YouTube. As for Twitter, there are quite a few Japanese users, it is rare as a service with home abroad like this, and I mention a lot about Japanese things.

Celebrating # Twitter 7 - YouTube

This is the first Twitter prototype, details are "Twitter began all this six years ago from this memo - GIGAZINEI write it.

The world's first tweet

The following is the real thing

Hash tag and retweet function were implemented in 2007

Because there are so many Japanese users, in 2008 the official Twitter landed in Japan and service started

Damaged the miraculous landing water to the Hudson River, called the "miracle of the Hudson River"US Airways 1549 flight lost water accident"The first report was posted on Twitter, and the photograph spread explosively.

He is a popular presenter of American talk showOprah Winfrey debuts TwitterEarns 125 thousand followers in 24 hours

The world's first time from space

In the world cup 2010, the live performance on Twitter was done worldwide, especially Japan launched NBA championship LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics vs. 3085 TPS (3085 tweets per second), which was the fastest record ever in the world Beyond, at the end of the game against Japan against Denmark3283 TPSIt reached the record, and the record was repainted. At this time it was dawn in Japan time, so possibly even breaking further if it is a better time zone.

In the UK violenceThe rioters participated in mutual communication on Twitter and changed the target one after another while enlarging the uproar at a stroke in the state of the devilish moodThe response of the police continued turning around slowly, failing to calm down, to be glimpse of a glimpse as a new political tool.

It was decided that a hash tag called "# Jan25", a 21-year-old Egyptian student "More than 16,000 Egyptians will gather at the street on 25th January. Join us! # Jan25 # agypt # tunisia # revolutionTweet that calls for a raison called 'rushing up', which leads to success. It was the reason that only one tweet began to "spread explosively" and start moving the history of the world.

And 3.11

The tweet informing of the damage situation in Japan has been retweeted again and again and has run around the whole world. The following is an illustration of the state of RT at that time, and the movie of how much the 3.11 related RT swept the world in real time in order of challenging momentum is the Twitter official blog "Global pulseYou can see with.

Twitter is a big success at big events such as the London Olympic Games

Tweet of President Obama 's re - election is to be most retweeted in the world. Meanwhile, the most retweeted in Japan wasMessage from marriage of voice actor and Koichi Yamaderais.

Official movie application that can upload a movie of 6 seconds "VineAppears

Worked at a fashion show

"I can not wait for your next tweet!"

Your only tweet ......

It is spreading rapidly ... ....

Spread all over the world ......

That ripple gathers ......

It becomes a Twitter icon. It just represents Twitter itself.

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