Experiment video recording the reaction of people encountered in the elevator at the moment when we are about to kill people right now

As the elevator came, as I approached the door which I thought was going to ride, there are already two men inside, and one man is about to kill even in this very moment. If you accidentally encountered such a ridiculous scene, what kind of reaction would ordinary people show? An experiment image called "Elevator Murder Experiment"is.

Elevator Murder Experiment - YouTube

The place is New York, the result of hidden cameras set in a certain building recorded the whole story is as follows.

Installing hidden cameras

Confirm whether it is reflected properly

Also in such places.

Installation completed

"What would you do if a murder case encountered in the middle?"

People who come to the elevator without knowing anything

Inside of the rope was scrimped in a neck ......

Be ready



One momentarily rigorous though it was talking with each other

Screaming and getting away

In addition the performance to the real level

Fly by looking and turn U-turn

Case to watch from afar

Although it seems that he was about to carry the sofa, he instructed "Please return soon!"

Clearly a strong bicycle rider puts a bicycle on the side ... ....

I entered a stop inside.

This old man ......

Bravely I began to help by pulling a man 's foot as a victim.

A woman hitting a bee with a bouquet of hands

Here I attack with my own coat

This man came in without being afraid ... ...

Tackle to the criminal as it is

Pulling male arms under rescue

Fully rigid couple

Bring a fire extinguisher and spray

I am pulling a dog to jump and holding it down

Call the police while calling

Encounter during the phone, screaming so much of surprise and going backwards and backwards

I started screaming for help.

Stupid self-loss


And the behavior of the man who appears in the last is different from any other pattern so far, it is really symbolic. It is worth seeing and it makes me think very much.

So, this is "DEAD MAN DOWNAlthough it was an experiment that also served as a promotion of a movie "It was a performance that was too imminent, it is strange that it was not shot by a gun.

In addition, the number of views on YouTube has surpassed 5.28 million in this week, about 17,000 people evaluated as "good", and about 1100 people who evaluated as "bad" .

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