Strength test by wearing a condom from the head

A movie that tests the strength of a condom by inflating with a condom wearing a nostril from the head. It is a must see that the condom bulges as much as I can surprise. The boys who are testing are very happy and those who are watching are likely to smile.

Movie playback is from the following.
YouTube - Condom testing

I have a condom in my hand ......

I wore it from the head.

It looks cramped.

I wore a knit cap from above. It seems fun to me.

Inflate the condom at once with a snort.

I swelled too much and took off my knit cap.

The end is an acquaintance in the back

I broke the condom with a needle and finished the test.

Because there is a possibility of causing oxygen deficiency, let's not do money.

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