I tried using a self-contained type digital camera "SUN & CLOUD" that can be charged by three methods of solar panel, manual and USB

Digital camera that can be charged by three methods of "Solar grace method" using solar panel, "Manual self-energization method" to turn the handle to turn on your own, "USB for today" method "released on March 12 To be "SUN & amp; CLOUD"is. Since it is a box type design, it is said that it is possible to take a unique picture, so I actually decided to borrow and use the real machine.

SUN & amp; CLOUD

Pictures of forest are used for package, natural image.

Inside was SUN & amp; CLOUD main body and warranty card, instruction manual, charging cable included.

This is SUN & amp; CLOUD body.

Adjustment knob is attached under the front lens, and it is possible to adjust three focuses, "Normal", "Portrait" and "Macro".

Under the LED flash light is the character of SUN & amp; CLOUD.

A solar panel is installed on the top.

There are microSD card slot, USB connection terminal, power button etc. on the side.

USB connection terminal and microSD card slot.

LED light for checking the charging status on the power button.

On the other side there is a hand crank generator for manual charging.

The shutter button was also on the same side as the handle.

On the back of the camera are LCD LCD monitor, various operation buttons, speaker, LED light switch and so on.

In the state just taken out from the box, charging is not yet carried out and it can not be used, so we start with charging first. So I put it under the sun and tried charging it using a solar panel.

When charging was done, the LED lamp on the power button began flashing red. In addition, in the case of charging using a solar panel, when it is about 12 hours outdoors in fine weather with the power off, it means that it can be fully charged. It seems to be difficult when you want to charge in a hurry, but when you shoot outdoors it will be charged automatically so it will be useful for a long time and convenient.

You can see the state of charging by hand winding from the following movie.

I tried charging the self-sufficiency digital camera "SUN & amp; CLOUD" manually - YouTube

The solar panel blinks when charging, but when turning the handle to charge, the specification that the red light is lit.

In the case of manual winding, if you rotate continuously for 1 minute with 100 to 150 revolutions per minute as a guide, you can shoot 4 to 8 still images. So, I was able to turn on the power without fail if I continued turning desperately desperately for 3 minutes. It seems tough to keep turning for a long time because the handle is small.

The subject appears on the LCD with this feeling.

By pressing the menu button in the middle, you can select the mode of color shooting or monochrome shooting, set self-timer, flash. There are two types of ISO sensitivity, ISO100 and ISO800.

For color photography, there are also 8 modes of "NORMAL", "OLD_1", "OLD_2", "VIVID", "CROSS", "AQUA", "SHOWA_C" "TOBASHI_C", "MONO" "HARD_M" "SUPER_M" "NOISE There are seven modes of "SHOWA_M" "TOBASHI_M" "EDO", so that you can choose from 15 color modes in total.

Of course, you can connect the PC with the supplied cable and charge it with USB. Here is the charge completed in about 75 minutes.

Actually, I tried shooting with SUN & amp; CLOUD outdoors.

I will take a flower planted in the flower bed. It is hard to check the LCD screen with sunlight.

First, adjust focus to macro and shoot with "NORMAL" in macro color mode. Even in normal, it looks like a somewhat calm color.



Next, return the focus to "normal" and try shooting with the color mode "NORMAL".



Wide variety of unique expressions are possible and it is a camera for those who say "I want to take interesting pictures" rather than "I want to take pictures cleanly", but in the case of outdoor shooting, take pictures while paying attention to the remaining charge It is quite convenient in that it is not necessary. The price is 18,000 yen (excluding tax).

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