A mysterious site seen in the streaming of Japanese TV over the Internet "Fukumo LIVE Japanese"

According to the story from the reader, I do not quite understand somehow at a certain site in China, but the program of TV stations in Japan can be seen, the following is the site.

Journalism - Direct sowing

According to the description on the right side of the page,

Thank you very much for your interest in (Fuuko LIVE Japanese)! If you have any questions or comments, please contact the following contacts. (Fuwai LIVE Japanese) Fan group QQ number: 184079172 If you want to interact with other users, it is the same contact.

Apparently, it seems that people living in China who were interested in Japanese programs gathered and watched the program for everyone, the original site itselfSites that share live HD quality live with Flash without special pluginsAnd we also offer applications for Android like the following.

Direct sowing of Fuzun - migration

Also, as long as you see the following page, it seems to be a model that raises revenue from the distributor by embedding in the page and adding the number of simultaneous connections.

Direct Seating Table - Direct Sowing

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