Make a DIY book scanner that can read 150 pages per minute Reveal all the details

A project that volunteers volunteered to digitize textbooks by using volunteers using the DIY kit produced by volunteers on the Internet was done by students learning the relationship between copyright and technology and Ars Technica The section start and end is open to the public.

How we built a DIY book scanner with speeds of 150 pages per minute | Ars Technica

The base of the scanner produced this time isDIYBookScanner.orgThe kit designed by Daniel Reetz, the founder of the company. We arrived in a box weighing 23 x 27 x 7 cm, weighing about 40 pounds (about 1.8 kg).

Besides the wooden frame, the kit also included nuts, bolts, washers, screws, ball bearings, LED lights, tension codes, bicycle brakes, cables and so on, but the assembly manual was not included .

But on the InternetIKEAIt seems that we could discover a neat assembly guide like the manual of Sweden (the world's largest furniture maker originating in Sweden).

Paints and rollers for painting frames, brushes and so on.

Parts finished painting look like this.

The hole for combining the parts is opened by ourselves.

The results obtained by relying on manuals found on the Internet and answers obtained by asking questions on the forums are as follows.

It is not as easy as commercially available furniture, but preparation is completed until the assembly on the first day.

The second day 's work is to attach a camera to the scanner' s sensor. It seems that this part is supposed to press the shutter of the camera applying the brake and cable of the bicycle, but depending on the information gathered at the forum, it can not work well, depending on a friend familiar with the machine It seems that I finally managed to do it.

A finished figure.

By connecting to a PC and using it as a scanner it is possible to scan about 150 pages per minute at the fastest speed.

How you actually use it can be seen with the GIF animation at the end of clicking the image below.

The total production cost of this scanner is $ 475 (about 40,700 yen).

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