Japan Weather Association, Pixive Encyclopedia etc. are access blocked as "attack site"

ByRich Anderson

When accessing major sites such as Japan Weather Association (tenki.jp), Picsive encyclopedia (dic.pixiv.net), Sponichi Annex (sponichi.co.jp), Firefox is reported as "attack site There was a phenomenon in which access was blocked by displaying a message saying "I have detected the malicious software on my website in advance" if it is Chrome.

In the case of the Japan Weather Association, the top page can be viewed without problems.

Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

But, for example, if you click on the article "Tokyo is extremely cold and heavy snow on Wednesday" ... ...


It will be blocked as follows. This is for access with Firefox. Although it may be accessible without problems, it seems that it has not completely blocked.

For access with Google Chrome. Dialogs are different, but they are blocked as well.

Incidentally IE can be seen without problems.

The reason why the site is blocked is because it may damage the computer. However, when you look at the site situation etc, it does not have evidence that you downloaded malware in the past 90 days, and does not mediate malicious software infection.

Sonnich's site can also see the top page without problems as well.

Sponichi Annex

However, clicking on the article title being distributed as news ... ...


It is still blocked.

IE and Opera can be seen without problem.

Like the Japan Weather Association, there is no sign of doing anything, but "There is a possibility of harming the computer."

In the case of Pixive Encyclopedia it was impossible to see the top page in the first place. Even when Firefox and Chrome were blocked, IE and Opera were able to browse if accessed directly.

Pixib encyclopedia - dictionary on doujins · cartoon · illustrations · secondary creation

Search Google "Pixib encyclopedia"Then, at the time of displaying the result, it is warned that "This site may harm your computer."

Since such a warning screen is displayed even if you click it, you can not see the site. Since it is blocked at the time of search, it goes out not only via Firefox, Google Chrome, but also via IE, Opera browser.

It is unknown at the moment whether the filter is malfunctioning, whether the virus is mixed in data such as advertisements distributed on each site, and other causes. Depending on the timing of access, there seem to be cases in which you can see the page even if it is a blocked browser.

For Firefox, you can ignore the warning by clicking "Ignore this warning" at the bottom right of the warning message and read the original article.

A bar of such warning appears at the top of the original article. With this method, you can display even a site that downloads malware, so pay attention to sites that have not been checked for safety.

Moreover, this phenomenon does not occur in Safari of Mac and Opera.

Additional notes:
Niconico (Nico Nico Douga)Since this symptom is displayed when accessing with Google Chrome, it is calling for browsing with niconico recommended browser such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

[Obstacle] Some pages can not be accessed with Google Chrome - Nico Nico Info

2013/02/04 18: 54
Niconico said that this problem was addressed and restored by the corresponding network.

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