Challenge from the file sharing site Emperor Kim, breaking the security of "MEGA" will receive a prize of 10,000 euros

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File sharing service established by Mr. Kim Dotcom "Megaupload"Had enormous profits of more than $ 175 million (about 13.5 billion yen) by delivering enormous data of 25 petabytes to over 1,000 servers alone in the United States alone. However, at the beginning of 2012 the investigation by the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has deemed the site infringing copyright and it was forced to close, and he was also arrested in New Zealand in his home country .

"Megaupload" closure & FBI arrested the operator, found out the surprise management status and amount of earnings

However, Mr. Kim · dot com is bailed shortly after that, and it can use the capacity of 50 GB free of charge in 2013 after about a year, and can also share files saved with unspecified number of opponents Cloud storage service "MEGALaunching more than 1 million users in a blink of an eye.

It can use 50 GB free of charge "MEGA" starting from 1 million subscribers exceeded 1 million in one day

And, Kim · dot com who came back with this new service to hackers and crackers around the world to improve the security of the site "MEGAWe have sent the challenge to pay the prize money if we can break through the security of. News site "The Next WebAccording to the article of last week, Mr. Kim · dot com was criticized about the security of the site and then commented that "I am planning to give some kind of prize to collaborators", so this one is that It is thought that it executed it.

Kim Dotcom puts up $ 13,500 bounty for first person to break Mega's security system - The Next Web

This announcement isTwitter accountIts content is "open source"MEGAThe encryption system of the company is still not broken. If you break through this, you will receive 10,000 euros (about 124 million yen). For details, I was awaiting posting to the blog.

Also,"MEGA"Announced a comment on the official blog that" We will continuously improve the security of accounts and data through implementing new password change function etc. " The site has already stored 50 million files and has more than 1 million users, but still is a beta version service so offer a reward and say "I want you to find a bug" and say to the user I am seeking cooperation. "It is a method adopted by many technology companies to give financial incentives to collaborators to fix bugs," Kim Dot-com said in fact, "Facebook, Google, Dropbox Many companies are doing the same measures.

Kim Dot-com said, "More than 20 lawyers consider countermeasures against copyright infringementMEGAIt is legally operated and protected by law, "while insisting that the site with 50 GB of storage capacity and sharing function will function as a huge platform where illegal files are shared There are also opinions. "Files deleted due to copyright issuesMEGA"It is only 0.001% of the files stored in the file," he says, but Kim Dotcom insists on how much files the copyright holders can actually check, It is unknown whether there was a request for deletion.

but,"MEGA"Measures against copyright infringement have been done and also blocked against third party search engines searching for files on the site that are open to the public by users,MEGA"As a download site of contents to"MEGA - SEARCH.METhe response to make sure that it does not work was quick.

Kim Dotcom's Mega Blocks Third-Party Search Engine

However, blogs dealing with topics related to file sharingTorrentFreakAccording toMEGAThere seems to be a doubt that the contents of the contents are being monitored excessively.

Dotcom's Mega Removes Legal Files Citing Bogus DMCA Requests | TorrentFreak

"Mega-SearchThe movie uploaded via 'is deleted immediately, this means'MEGA"Is blocking uploading from third-party clients or suggesting that they are over-monitoring the content"TorrentFreak"Pointed out. As infringing copyright "Mega-SearchThe fact that a large number of files posted through via "immediate deletion" means "MEGA"Suggests that it is actively monitoring and deleting the uploaded content rather than based on the deletion request from the copyright owner, or that it is trying to eliminate the third party completely. In addition, this current situation is "MEGAIs hosting files only per day50It is inconsistent with Mr. Kim · dot com's comment that it is only about erasing it.

so,"MEGA"Seems to be working on improving security including the prize money system etc. On the other hand, as a new problem, there are media that expressed concern about third party expulsion and file content censorship as it is It looks like.


"Mega-SearchThe result of accessing and sorting the displayed file by "Hits (hits)" is as follows. Since the actual downloading of the file has not been done, although the individual contents are unknown, it is undeniable that it is quite a suspicious atmosphere as far as looking at the filenames lined up.

MEGA - SEARCH.ME - A collaborative MEGA search engine / Lot of MEGA links / Download on MEGA

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