There is a danger of password leakage for about 250,000 Twitter users, the corresponding user is forced to reset the password

According to the official announcement by Twitter's official blog, "According to this week, Twitter has a different access pattern than usual, it seems like it was access to Twitter's user data when I looked it up. Although it stopped, as a result of survey, there is a possibility that about 250 thousand user information such as user name, e-mail address, session ID, encrypted password, etc. may have been accessed, "about 25 As the data of all the people were exposed to attacks and may have leaked out, password reset mail etc. from the Twitter are sent to the corresponding user, the password is forcibly changed, and with the old password It is unavailable.

Twitter blog: For safer use

According to Twitter official, "This attack is hard to believe as an amateur, it is thought that it was not a single thing that aimed at Twitter alone, it is a very sophisticated attack and attacks on other companies and organizations There is a possibility that it is being put on. "There seems to be relations with the attack on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal which occurred for about two weeks, and about 250,000 people Accounts are for the most partIt is often "user who created account at the beginning of Twitter", It is also known that there is a tendency to some vulnerability in the initial user's password data.

Therefore, on Twitter, as a request to change the password for users who have not been attacked this time,Please use at least 10 characters, a password mixed uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. In addition, since the use of passwords increases the possibility of access to information, we recommend that you do not use the same password as other servicesI am announcing a guide.

Password change is possible from the following page.

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