If I had a human being moved to Mars, how much is it? "The Cost of Living on Mars" illustrating that

The human ancestor came to Earth on a meteor from MarstheoryThere are,Send mail from Earthlings on MarsAlthough it is Mars which is often emphasized on the connection with the Earth,SpaceX CompanyofEarlon maskMove 80,000 people to Mars colony by Mr.Plan is in progressis. It is almost like a movie, but how much does it cost if people actually live on Mars? By saying that,WIREDIs summarizing the cost of migration per person to Mars as infographics.

Infographic: The Cost of Living on Mars | GeekDad | Wired.com

The distance from Earth to Mars is 402 million km. From the earthProbing machine RoverThe cost of sending it to Mars was 900,000 dollars (about 82 million yen) per pound (about 453 g), Rover was 1982 pounds, so the total cost was $ 1.8 billion (about 160 billion yen) It was. By the way, the cost of the space shuttle is 10,000 dollars per pound (910,000 yen)Falcon 9It is 3000 dollars (270,000 yen).

The expected travel costs for each company are NASA's $ 100 billion (about 9 trillion yen)SpaceXIs about 36 billion dollars (about 3.3 trillion yen), aiming at the universe separately from SpaceXThe Mars SocietyIn the case of $ 30 billion (about 2.7 trillion yen) will be.

Even if we use the cheapest company, we can calculate that we can travel around the world 2.5 million times.

It is not only necessary to arrive at Mars, but also a shelter to live after arrival. A shelter of 120 cubic meters, enough to live well, is $ 267 million (about 24.2 billion yen) if it is made by NASA, and $ 150 million (about 13.6 billion yen) if made by SpaceX.

Of course, food is also necessary. The amount of water that one adult needs on a single day is 3.7 liters, the food is said to be 1200 to 1500 kcal, and to carry those foods, NASA a further 42 million dollars per year (about 3.8 billion yen ), SpaceX costs $ 13 million (about 1.2 billion yen).

It is possible to live with self-sufficiency on Mars, but for that we need water first. Water on Mars exists as a massive ice chunk, so NASA would cost $ 15.4 million (about 1.4 billion yen) for SpaceX to bring a machine that turns ice into water to Mars to start it, and $ 4.6 million It will cost 20 million yen). In addition, NASA's $ 20.9 billion (about 1.9 trillion yen) for SpaceX, 11.75 billion dollars for SpaceX (about 1 trillion 1000 dollars) is required to carry the necessary machines, shelters and plants to cultivate one serving of food Billions of yen) will be added. Although costs are bad, the plants also have the advantage of producing oxygen, which is recommended.

Because there is no communication system on Mars, contact NASA2001 Mars OdysseyThere is no choice but to rely on. Although the communication fee for text mail is 20% cheaper than the earth, if you increase the bandwidth, you will get a telephone charge of $ 209 (about 18,000 yen) per minute, 75 kb (about 9 kilobytes) The fee for sending an e-mail will also be $ 209 (about 18,000 yen). Also, PSY on YouTube"Gangam Style" Music Video(4 minutes 13 seconds) at 1080p, it will cost $ 36,244 (about 3,380,000 yen).

So when you add up various costs, you need NASA for living a single person on Mars, you need $ 121 billion (about 11 trillion yen), and SpaceX requires $ 48 billion (about 4.4 trillion yen). It seems like a tremendous amount at first sight, but it is a calculation that can send as many as 15 people if we put 71 US $ 71 billion (about 65 trillion yen), the defense budget of the United States, for migration to Mars.

If people get in with the rocket together and share the place to live, we can further cut costs, so Mr. Mask's plan is not "absolutely impossible".

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