Gathering water and air on Earth into one place

The state of collecting all the water and air on Earth is depicted in CG. Although it is the earth which is sometimes called the star of water, it is clear that the amount of water is much less than imagined and it is valuable.

Details are as below.Science Photo Library CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN IN FULL

The blue ball on the left is all the water on the earth, the right pink ball is all the air on the earth.

The water ball has a volume of about 1.4 billion cubic km. It is said that the sphere includes rivers, of course, the year, snow, groundwater and so on. The air has a weight of 5140 trillion tons, and half of them are air within 5 km from the surface of the earth.

Although I do not think that I can make it into a blue earth even if I use this small water ball, I can see it in a huge amount if I actually see it.

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