A new system is launched in the US that allows retailers to charge additional charges freely for shopping using credit cards

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The trial on fees competed between credit card brand master cards and Visa and retailers reached a settlement in July 2012 after a seven year struggle, but the new fee system negotiated by it will be released in 2013 It started on January 27th. Under the new system, retailers will be able to charge additional fee for payment by credit card, and it is also expected that the fee will be higher for shoppers than for cash payment in shopping.

Credit Card Fees Take Effect Sunday - ABC News

This is a class action lawsuit filed by retailers as major card companies such as master cards are taking unreasonably high commissions and they are in violation of the Antimonopoly Act, and the card company has filed $ 7.25 billion (about 6600 Billions of yenPay settlement money, The retailer can negotiate the fee amount with the credit card company by forming a group, but at that time the right to allow the merchant to charge the additional fee freely for payment by card is also accepted It was.

Even now in the United States, for gasoline, cash payment was cheaper than card payment in relation to fee, but in the case of this card payment as with gasoline in this decision fee will be added or on the contrary In the case of cash payment, it can happen that the price is discounted. In addition, at that time, the merchant needs to clearly indicate the commission to the consumer.

How much additional charge will occur depends on the fee paid by the retailer to the card company, but the law permits 1.5 to 4% of the purchase price.Credit.comAccording to Mr. Gerri Detweiler 's expectation, at least initially only a small number of traders will charge the fee.

In 10 states including California and Colorado, such customs are prohibited, so consumers will not be affected and use of debit cards and prepaid cards is not covered. Also, because American Express has a contract to prohibit suppliers from imposing an additional fee, the situation does not happen that the charge will be higher than before.


Mr. Detweiler advises that if the majority of consumers complain, complainants will not be charged additional charges, advising consumers that actual action is necessary in order not to charge additional charges .

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