The body heats up with the hot spicy "Sapporo 1st Black Curry California Soba" Tasting Review

The garlic flavored garlic based on curry powder was mixed with black marlin oil and the special sauce that added honey bonito extract was used for "Sapporo's best black spicy curry fried noodles"(190 yen including tax). Sprinkle is a content with fried onion, fried garlic, bonito, sashiri, blanched potatoes, and even punch with chili pepper and black pepper. Since it seems that the spicyness is going slowly, I decided to eat it, "I feel that my body will be warming in cold weather."

Sapporo's best black spicy curry fried noodles

Flames are drawn in the package, but it will be a little frustrating if you think that it is painful enough to blow a fire.

Apparently it seems that hotness seems to remain behind, it seems to be considerably dangerous.

Looking at the raw material name, it seems that it seems to be quite spicy with spices and peppers at a brief moment.

The energy per meal (133 grams) is 575 kcal.

Seasonings are two types of seasoning, sprinkle and sprinkle.

Wait for 3 minutes with hot water.

First of all, I will introduce seasoning taste.

It is a drool and I often look into Nooda noodles. Spicy food is already enough to scatter at the time of fragrance, but there is no such thing in particular here. I can feel the slightly smelling of the curry like a curry.

After stirring well, sprinkle it and it will be completed.

It mixes with fried onion and blue onion, and you see a lot of small red grains of red pepper This is a dangerous feeling.

From the moment I ate the first mouth hotness got up, and if you are vulnerable to spicy you can judge instantly that this is impossible. Although it is about 1 hot spicy in cocohic, it may be because the sauce has viscosity, and the spicy remains on the tongue forever. Although it does not mean that the spicyness is not alleviated even if you drink water, you can not help but eat it, but every time you eat it, the spiciness is overpainted, and by the time you finish eating your tongue is pretty tingling was doing. There are a few flavors of curry as a taste, and a taste like a dish due to a shaving of a seafood is also felt, a taste spreading comparatively because of the fragrance of garlic.

Pork dice has a grilled meat taste with grilled eyes. Although it is only a few grains as an amount, it was a taste that was quite easy to eat.

Not only hot but also umami properly, so I was able to enjoy it as fried soba until the end. Because it is medium thick noodles, the volume can also be felt. "Too hot spicy" is true, it is for people who are resistant to a certain degree because it is a level where the body gets hot and the sweat is oozing out.

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