NTT DoCoMo's 2013 Spring Model New model launch was like this

NTT DoCoMo launched the "2013 Spring Model New Product / New Service Presentation" from 11:30 on January 22. The state of this recital was broadcast live on Ustream and Nico Nico videos, nottv.

2013 Spring Model New Product / New Service Presentation | Products | NTT DoCoMo

NTT DoCoMo 2013 Spring Model New Product / New Service Presentation - Nico Nico Live Broadcasting

USTREAM: NTT docomo official Ustream channel: NTT docomo official Ustream channel. From 21:30 on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, we will relay the 2013 Spring Model New Product / New Service Presentation. From the exhibition hall, we will also deliver the fastest reviews of spring models by Mr. Satoshi Endo and Ms. Sayako Ishida. ...

We are planning to update it more rapidly as the recital progresses.

The venue is like this.

President Kato is on the stage.

"Speaking of spring is an encounter." DoCoMo has a new smartphone model that is perfect for a new life, as it is when the new life begins. President Kato said that he wanted to be a partner who can deliberately and comfortably live his life, to announce the spring model's new products and new initiatives.

The winter model was 16 models, but the spring model was all 12 models.

Spring model features high definition (with full HD display), high speed communication (docomo LTE Xi compatible), high speed processing (with quad core CPU etc)

Spring 2013 model is 440 dpi

Docomo LTE Xi can communicate up to 112.5 Mbps during reception

The use area will expand to 22 cities in March 2013 and over 50 cities in June.

The maximum 75 Mbps area during reception is 4000 stations in March 2013

In addition, in June, we will move to 10000 stations.

"Evolution into the best partner that colors new life"

New models "Xperia Z" and "Xperia Tablet Z" will start reservation from January 23 tomorrow. Xperia Z will be on sale February 9, Xperia Tablet Z will be released mid-March.

"ELUGA X P - 02E" starts reservation January 23, released on January 30. "ARROWS X F-02E" is released in the middle of February, "Optimus G Pro L-04E" released in early April.

'Ascend D 2 HW - 03 E' was released in early April. Mobile Wi-Fi router "HW-02E" released in mid-March.

"AQUOS PHONE EX SH - 04E" starts reservation on January 23, released on January 25. "MEDIAS X N-04E" released late February

"MEDIAS W N-05E" is a smartphone capable of displaying two screens

Open 2 screens

Collapsed when using a call

When browsing, you can use it like 2 tablets and like a tablet, and can be used properly. It was released in the middle of April.

A smartphone for the junior class "Smartphone for Junior SH - 05E" will be booked on January 23, scheduled to be released on February 1. There is also a dedicated packet flat-rate service (2980 yen per month).

This is a new smartphone model

Discount plans are also available

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Docomo's tablet "dtab" starts selling for 9975 yen, home wireless LAN router is available for free

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