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Posted the other dayLarge capacity 1 TB · Reading speed 240 MB / sec · Impact resistant USB memory with write speed 160 MB / sec "DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0"Will be released in Japan in March. this isPrinceton Technology AnnouncesThe suggested retail price is "open price", and the actual sale price is unknown because it is not yet registered in price .com at the time of article posting.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Calorie 20% cut fried chicken in a microwave oven just completed quickly "Chicken in the range frying black pepper and garlic flavor" - GIGAZINE

Mysterious Extreme Sports that Sori pulls by car and runs at high speed - GIGAZINE

How to make a USB memory to reset the Windows password for free - GIGAZINE

Stop motion animation "The Joy of Books" that moves as if they flow as it flows - GIGAZINE

A summary movie in which masterpieces posted on the net in 2011 were condensed - GIGAZINE

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The lower body is 32 years freeza, but I heard that TENGA for women comes out so it will be in the final form. - E Romantic

Chaos Chan: When you put a 100% full ball on the ground, what is the contact area?

38 Name: Below, VIP will be sent instead of the Nameless [] Posted on: 2012/12/09 (Sun) 23: 49: 08.17 ID: uvJtXVmX0

Can you give a Nobel prize if 100% spheres can be made from the real thing?

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>> 38
If it's a set and how to measure if the sphere is complete ...

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: [with image] Mos Burger selling fight to Mac's 60 second service wwww - livedoor blog

【Ninja Delivery】 Ninja is coming to your city! It is! Shinobi's ones business trip

Ninja delivery is a service that delivers a ninja to a time place requested by a customer.
From the Edo period, it seems that you will not be using Ninja quite often in your daily life, but how about trying to bring in what you have when you are here?

Leisure person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Burning guy asking Conan at a roast meat shop wwwwwww - Livedoor blog

A girl screams from the station home! : 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

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【Super-browsing attention】 If you buy clams for about 12 hours in salt water · · ·! - Togetter
Easy to understand "Asari sandless secret" in the comment section

Subjectivity and objectivity in statistics - diary of what_ a_dude

Succeeded in developing flexible porous material (marshmallow gel) that can efficiently separate water and oil - expectation for application in crude oil recovery and analytical chemistry - - Kyoto University

Discovery of nanoporous materials that "memorizes" and "erases" the adsorption state of molecules - Control of stiffness of porous structure in meso region - - Kyoto University

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President Barack Obama also fans of US Treasury Secretary 's "strange signature" topic "I wanted to retract nominees" - MSN Sankei News

【Caution】 Kyoto University Bye, About the posting named Co-op Byte Information - Kyoto University

Asahi Newspaper Digital: On the day before committed suicide "Advised by 2 military, no matter what," consulted to high 2 - Society

Bust in the center again! Once a department store that closed was a revival

Asahi Newspaper Digital: Is rice, 1 trillion dollar coin issued? Escape to avoid debt default - Economy · Money

Earthquake of December 7, two consecutive M 7 classes in 8 seconds: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Mayor Bashishima "Common sense is caused by corporal punishment" High school student Admitting on suicide - Society

Impact collision: The trans-border of a 70-year-old woman is far away factor - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Beyond cesium standard value in Miyagi rice, first beyond Fukushima: Nikkei newspaper

Collar storage medium, the real culprit finds a preserved virus design map - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

Tokumaki Honpo: "meat curd onigiri" Original food company, to bankrupt - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Asahi Newspaper Digital: New Town Trace of dreams UR, sold for over 7 years 223 ha - society

Asahi Shimbun Digital: arresting Yoshiwara's soapland as illegal manager suspected Fudo chairman - society

Sharp: To the operating surplus ... countercurrent with IGZO Decade - December period - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shinbun)

LVMH, why the real estate company to the brand empire? : Nihon Keizai Shimbun

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I was tired

I have no interest. To be accurate, I do not have a hobby to tell people.
Changing the answer by a person if asked what is my hobby.

Engineering aspects of violence - Resident Early training materials

The reason why "crying drop" is not conveyed to Americans. And, in rare cases, what would you do if an American came by "crying off"? : Masayuki Nagai's MM 21: ITmedia Alternative · Blog

Cumulative total sales of Guinness certified petit pudding 5.1 billion pieces: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Bust in the center again! Once a department store that closed was a revival

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VIPPER me: It seems that more people are buying single-lens reflexes, but is it better than a smartphone camera?

Maximum number of AWS and how to cry on AWS Support - Server Works Engineer Blog

I migrated my site to Amazon S3 - WebOS Goodies

Acceptance of drug net sales, confirmed losing case of Supreme Court - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Regulations of the Supreme Court are invalid · NHK News accepted online sales of medicine

Commercially available medicine: Supreme court decision on losing case on the side of net sales sale - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Drug net sales, effectively lifting ... ... Appeal of the country's appeal dismissal: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asahi Shimbun Digital: Internet sales of over-the-counter drugs, the Supreme Court dismissed the state's appeal in the lifting state - Society

Supreme Court to Accept Medicine Online Sales Approach to Country: Nikkei Newspaper

"Settlement agency Wellnet" has soared instead of "Wellnet" which won in the Supreme Court but eventually plummeting event occurs: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Tweet progress report: Dropbox partial service failed, synchronization and uploading trouble - @ IT

If eye tracking is obvious! Reason why the new "Hatena bookmark" is somewhat difficult to see | Mamion Limited Company

I saw an agreement to use the iPhone for my 13-year-old son. Secret advice from my father

Even if a lot of money is presented, it should not be floated: Nikkei Business Online

【Article Reprint Problem】 Google seems to be blowing away from the search result after recognizing the original article. - Information sea drifters

Softbank, TOEIC 900 points reward to one million yen Employees: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Welcome, DoCoMo Yuya. | NTT DoCoMo

Asahi Newspaper Digital: DoCoMo, Motivation for "iPhone" Recruitment - President Kato "Conditional Meeting" - Digital

Pakuri tweet's addict! Summary of the process. - Togetter

For college students LINE and Pazdora are essential applications: iPhone chan

ASCII.jp: Apology: Inquiries to "Web Writing Practice Course"

A pure black page in P.62 - 63 is an effect intended for "darkening".

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5th Selection of PS3 Software Really Interesting in the Second Half of 2012 |

Popular with women of adults! Fun (?) Communication with employees using 'Tobibari Animal Crossing' | Content industry catchup PLUS | Diamond Online

Look at hot collisions between Hayao Miyazaki and Goro Miyazaki on Friday road SHOW 'Kokurikozaka' from (excite review) - Excite News

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Asahi Shimbun Digital: AKB Haruka Ishida Musical Senbonzakura, March Performance - Culture

Tomomi Kawanishi's breast, boy hide ... Young magazine postponement release: News: Entertainment: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

A handbra is a photo book of three covers (Chinami Suzuki, Ayase Mizaki, Tomomi Kawanishi) - The world is yours.

Editorial: Bidding for the Olympic Games in 20 Years to Show Tokyo - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

NHK's baseball live song wwwwwwwwww - Gou speed

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New taste featuring "Hazelnut" and "Caramel" from Melty Kiss "Melty Kiss Jandya" "Melty Kiss Whists Snow Sky Caramel" New Release

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