Automatic build discontinuation decision for 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows to withdraw


Mozilla 's Firefox development team informed us of the Nightly build of 64 - bit version for Windows in November, and since there was a big opposition from the inside, it was decided to continue building. However, for Mozilla, the 64-bit version is not supported and it is not possible to report on the crash, so it is wondering whether there really is a plan to officially develop the 64-bit version in the future.

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Firefox 64-bit Windows development resumed

Mozilla's engineering manager Benjamin Smedberg made a post to the bugzilla on November 21st, titled "Discontinue development and testing for" Windows 64 ".

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Here, the build stop of the 64-bit version of Firefox Nightly build for Windows (Nightly build isAutomatically build from the latest source code to executable stateHowever, thisStop auto buildWe decided to stop building the "hourly (hourly)", forcibly change the Firefox 64-bit version of Nightly build users to the 32-bit version by applying custom update, etc. as decisions.

As a reason for this, Smedberg mentioned the following points.

· Many plugins do not work on 64 bit Windows
· Because there is no hooking etc. of WindowProc implemented, things that can be used may not operate correctly
· A crash report has arrived from a 64-bit version of Windows, but it has low priority because it is being handled elsewhere
· The user's dissatisfaction is caused by handling like a second-class product with low priority
· Even in the prioritization work by the stabilization team, the 32-bit version and the 64-bit version crash statistics can not be distinguished easily, which is a source of annoyance

However, from development members, 50% of the testers of Nightly build are users of 64-bit versions, and there is an opinion that migration to forced 32-bit version leads to user withdrawal, and " People who declare that they will move to browsers other than Firefox will appear until that point.

Because of this, Smedberg decided to withdraw the build suspension, saying "I have a lot of negative reactions" and believe that "by correcting the plan, I can keep the user happy".

According to a new plan, the 64-bit version of Nightly build is integrated into the 32-bit version, and in the future it will be installing the 64-bit version yourself after the 32-bit version of Nightly build is updated. Also, from now on, "Being unsupported on 64-bit version" will be specified at download page and installation, crash reporting function will be turned off on 64-bit version.

Despite being supposed to continue development, there are voices of dissatisfaction from development members and users about this plan, "Opera has a 64-bit version properly (it is a minor browser compared to Firefox)" and "Where are we wasting it, despite the fact that there are over 100 million dollars a year (about 8.5 billion yen) annually?"

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