Firefox to end support such as Windows 2000


Currently, we upgrade once every 6 weeks, and we are doing more and more functions additions and improvementsFirefoxBut at lastWindows 2000, Windows XP RTM (product initial version), XP SP1 support will end.

Asa Dotzler: Firefox and more: End of Firefox Support for Windows 2000

Known as one of Firefox developersAsa DotzlerAccording to Mr. Mozilla, Mozilla has made it possible to support Visual Studio version for Windows 2000, XP SP1, etc. without upgrading it. However, due to the limitation of being unable to renew the development environment, Google's high-speed protocol "SPDYImpact of delays in response to "

As a result, discussions over the course of several months and evaluations by the latest version of Firefox users will be repeated, and when the Firefox 12 becomes Aurora (a further previous version of the beta), the version of Visual Studio of Mozilla's development team will be updated to 2010 It was decided to raise it. Since Visual Studio 2010 can not build Firefox that can run on Windows 2000 or Windows XP early version, SP1, these support will be aborted.

At this time, the number of users corresponding to this is less than 1.5% of the total. For Windows 2000 users, Firefox 12, released on June 5th, becomes the last Firefox. Mr. Dotzler, since the selection means will be limited after that, "OperaIt is the best way to switch to. " In addition, we highly recommend the introduction of SP 2 to users of RTM and SP 1 of Windows XP.

By the way, for corporationsAn ESR version will be released in which support will be extended for one yearIt is supposed to be.

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