The official movie of iRobot that understands the power of the robot "310 SUGV" which removes explosives and makes a car unmanageable

A portable battle support robot that can run through wastelands and move suspicious objects or make a car unmanageable is "IRobot SUGV"is.

IRobot 310 SUGV

IRobotCompany in JapanRoombaAlthough it is a company with a strong image of home robot vacuum cleaner such as rumba, in the United States with headquarters we manufacture and sell various robots for medical and defense industries.

I went to the US headquarters of iRobot at the forefront of robot business and covered research and development sites - GIGAZINE

From the wrecked military robot to the founder of the rumba IRobot's history has seen the whole museum and dining hall at the US headquarters - GIGAZINE

This time, the latest model of combat support robot among them "310 SUGVSo I decided to take a look at how the robots run round the battlefield as if they were science fiction movies.

Battle support robot that can be carried "iRobot 310 SUGV" Demo video - YouTube

IRobot's "310 SUGV"A robot equipped with a manipulator capable of fine work, which can be carried by a human being operable with a compact controller.

The main body size is 43.7 × width 76.1 × height 89.7 cm (when the arm is expanded) and weighs about 13.2 kg.

You can operate without rough terrain or slope.

Traveling speed is 10 km / h.

Shooting is taking place in a place that imaged Afghanistan or Iraq, and you can see that the light brown body is familiar with the surrounding environment.

A demonstration showing the power of the arm using a drum can be as follows.

Gripping the upper protrusion ... ...

I am lifting Easy drums.

It is also possible to carry it to another place as it is.

The state of pneumatically extracting the tires of the car is also included in the video.

Turn the screw of the valve ......

Pushing the tundung and the internal parts shouts out the air.

If you go closer to the parked car and do the work, it is quite plain but has the ability to make it impossible to run.

It is also possible to open the trunk of a suspicious vehicle.

It seems that it is actually operating. A soldier in the shadow of the building in the center of the picture "310 SUGV"We are doing the operation.

I am using Xbox controller. For soldiers who have played in games only for controllers with the most familiar shape for Americans, it seems that they will be able to operate it comparatively intuitively. The distance that can be operated wirelessly is about 1 km at a place with good visibility.

You can also climb a steep staircase.

"We come down the stairs with suspicious objects in the building"310 SUGV".

I will take it to somewhere.

"310 SUGVIt looks like she is carrying it in a backpack.

To use it just spot it out from your back OK.

It can be used immediately if placed on the ground as it is.

It seems that the LED light at the tip of the arm illuminates and illuminates the surroundings.

"310 SUGVThe image captured by the camera provided by the camera. The resolution is 640 × 480 dots and it corresponds to 10 times optical zoom and 4 times digital zoom.

so,"310 SUGVEven if it is said to be a battle support robot, it does not shoot or kill an enemy with a gun, but to enter a soldier first, it is difficult to explore the dangerous buildings, cars, boxes, etc. that are likely to be exploded It is used for checking. Incidentally,IRobot museumThe aircraft which was thrown into the actual battle and wrecked during the removal work of the IED (Instant Explosive Device) are exhibited, and it is possible to know how already already active at the forefront.

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