I tried taking a special vehicle owned by the Tokyo Fire Department hyper rescue, such as the 12m big ambulance "Super Ambulance" and the unmanned running water "Dragon"

Tokyo Fire Department'sSpecial altitude rescue team, A large-scale ambulance owned by "hyper rescue" "super ambulance" and "Dragon" an unmanned running water dispenser which can be operated like a radio control car,NBC disaster"Special disaster countermeasure car" to correspond to "Crisis Management Industry Exhibition(RISCON TOKYO 2012) ", so I came close to the real thing and photographed the pictures.

Exhibition vehicles aligned with the outdoor parking lot of Tokyo Big Sight.

◆ Special Ambulance (Super Ambulance)

The appearance of the large ambulance "Super Ambulance" used when many injuries occurred in cases or accidents is as follows.

The total length is about 12.2 meters, the height is about 3.7 meters, and the weight is about 20.78 tons. The price of this vehicle is about 70 million yen with interior finish.

There are more than twice the height of adult men walking sideways.

When stopping, you can secure maximum floor space of 40 m² by opening left and right "widening room", and you can use 8 beds.

Under the "widening room" legs are provided to prevent shaking and falling.

It is like this under the floor.

Going in and out from the door behind.

It is said that doors are opened and closed with switches in the room.

A staircase made to allow a stretcher and a wheelchair to run.

The interior is as follows.

Fixed bed.

A wheeled bed that is used to transport victims.

Equipped sink.

Instruments that seem to be devices connecting oxygen bombs.


A label written as "emergency bandage" "sling width" etc is stuck.

In addition, it seems that there are only 3 large ambulances called "super ambulance" in the country, and it is said to have been activated in the case of the Akihabara gunmen incident or the subarin sarin incident.

◆ Unmanned Traveling Water Truck (Dragon)

Unmanned vehicles developed to conduct fire fighting activities in situations where people can not come close, such as when they fire from tanks such as chemical plants or petrochemical complexes.

It is possible to discharge about 4800 liters per minute from the nozzle in front.

It is about 3 meters in length, about 1.9 meters in height, weighs about 2.5 tons.

Looking diagonally from behind like this.

Endless trackIt is possible to drive in rough terrain.

The controller used for radio control is like this.

I use the controller lowered from the shoulder.

Please actually check "___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

Hyper rescue automatic running water dispenser "Dragon" moves appearance - YouTube

◆ material transportation vehicle

Transport vehicle for carrying the necessary containers according to occasion such as equipment of an unmanned running water dispenser (Dragon), for NBC disaster, for forest fire, etc. to carry it to the site.

The total length is about 8.6 meters, the total height is 3.1 meters, the weight is about 14.6 tons.

At first glance it seems like an ordinary transportation car, but by replacing the container of the loading platform it is possible to correspond quickly to various situations.

Looking diagonally from behind like this.

Wheels are attached to the bottom of the container, and you can quickly lower it from the loading platform.

◆ Obstacle removal car (Saber)

It is designed to create a way for "such as" dragons "to run in vehicles to eliminate obstacles such as debris caused by fires and accidents. In addition to moving by people riding, it is also possible to operate from a place that is about 100 meters away by radio.

The total length is about 3.4 meters, the total height is about 1.9 meters, the weight is about 2 tons.

Looking diagonally from behind it looks like this.


The driver's seat is like this.

◆ Special Disaster Countermeasure Cars (SUPER HAZ-MAT)

Vehicles to respond to accidents and disasters involving nuclear, biological, chemical substances, etc. It seems to be equipped with equipment and protective clothing for analyzing radiation, toxic gases, etc.

The total length is about 7.3 meters, the total height is about 3.3 meters, the weight is about 8.75 tons.

On the top of the car is the letter "SUPER HAZ-MAT".

A cargo room written as "Chemistry Tactical Squadron 2-1".

It looks like this from behind.

I opened the cargo room.

Protective clothing is suspended in the car.

For details of the vehicles used by the Tokyo Fire DepartmentOfficial pageBut since you can see it, please check it if you are interested.

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