After five years the computer will begin to distinguish people's illness from "smell"

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According to IBM's research, in five years the computer will be able to discriminate the disease from molecules contained in human breath, as a human smells the smell.

IBM Research: IBM 5 in 5 2012: Smell

Some human breath contains all kinds of molecules, some of which tell the state of the body, but as the computer catches it, you can check the health condition. According to Hendrik F. Hamann, who is conducting research at IBM, if a sensor having such a function is incorporated in a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, the owner has a cold before he realizes it It will be possible to detect.

This is Hendrik F. Hamann.

Sensors incorporated in mobile devices such as mobile phones, like alcohol testing machines that detect alcohol from breath, have detectedBiomarkerRead information from to analyze data. The sensitivity of the sensor depends on many factors such as the size of the equipment and the data to be detected, but at present, in the laboratory it is relatively simple to measure single molecular biomarkers We demonstrated that a large number of samples can be taken using a sensor system. It is said that diseases such as liver, kidney, diabetes and tuberculosis may become apparent by this function.

In recent years computers have been increasingly making it possible to process information that is not systematized, to draw conclusions based on the grounds, learn from success and failure, and as a diagnostic tool to solve human problems Also useful.

However, in order to make this 'smell separating function' practical, the computer needs to combine old and new things from innumerable information and constantly learn. In order to do it efficiently, we need a new computer that has a new architecture and circuit and can process data in parallel, and this point is considered to be the key in research in the future.

Until now, the doctor mostly performed diagnosis from visible symptoms, but if the sensor functions, chemicals emitted from the patient himself becomes a clue to diagnosis and it is very useful.

In addition, details can be seen from the following movie.

Smell: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM - YouTube

This is "IBM innovations that will change our lives over the next five years" IBMThe 5 in 5By. Besides this in The 5 in 5A study that can sense the texture of things through smartphonesAndResearch to cut noise and deliver soundAlso announced.

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