"Garigari Kimi Rich" series latest work "Garigari Kimi Rich Azuki Daifuku" Tasting Review

As an ice candy, it was an unusual corn potage taste, but "Garigari Kimi rich corn potage" became popular enough to stop selling. This time this "Garigari Kimi Rich" series "Garigari Kimi Rich Azuki Daifuku"Newly appeared from December 18 (Tue). Normally, "Azuki Daifuku" is said to be mochiri with soft leather texture, but in shaved ice-like garrigal you decided to eat what kind of texture and taste it is.

Akagi Dairies Milk Co., Ltd. | Garigari Kimi Rich Azuki Daifuku (Stick)

It has a color that reminds me of coke taste, but it is Azuki Daifu taste.

Azuki which is contained in the ice candy is twisted, the surroundings are surrounded by milk shaved ice and finally covered with ice cream flavor ice cream.

Because there is no mochi, the contents that feel the atmosphere like Takifuku to the last.

Grains and glutinous rice flour are used for raw materials.

The energy per one (110 milliliters) is 159 kcal.

Looking out from the package, it looks like condensed ice cream like this.

When I took a bite, I could see the grain spirit. The flavor of milk comes out well, you can feel the taste of rich but rich. Rice cake flavor Ice does not go far with Daifuku, but it certainly has a little elasticity.

Up to this point it was a feeling that it was not much different from milk ice cubed with ordinary bean paste, but a bitter texture of shaved ice, which is characteristic of that garigari, came out front. As you advance your eating, the volume of the inside of the bean grows bigger so that you can feel the taste of that mushrooms strongly.

As we go to the latter half, the amount of ascorbion decreases, but the feeling that milk shaved ice increases accordingly. I will grasp the flavor of milk along with the sound of crackling.

The end is like this. The rice cake almost disappears, it is finish while tastefully feeling the raw texture.

Azuki & milk ice candy as well because of the many combinations, there is not much difference from other ice candies, the impact is weaker than the corn potage taste, while enjoying the matching flavor of grain and milk, Furthermore, because it feels the texture of shaved ice, which seems to be Garrigali 's Guritsu, this may be Ali in this.

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