CAPTCHA image for awful authentication that summarizes so much that the heart seems to break due to helplessness

Authentication technology to prevent access from the bot by manually entering letters that can not be recognized by the computer as being distorted or partly hiddenCAPTCHAHas helped to reduce spam, but in recent years it has surpassed CAPTCHA and creates a spam account using free porn sitesErogrid ComputingTechnology was also developed, CAPTCHA technology and spammersI'm repeating it Itachikko. Such CAPTCHA andReCAPTCHAOf the images displayed in "It is terrible" that collects images that will be dropped as "Captcha FAIL"is.

Captcha FAIL

◆ 01:Since it can not be read, it is a CAPTCHA image that gradually disappears as it is reloaded and becomes extra worse.

◆ 02:can not read.

◆ 03:With a message of anger saying "How to input".

◆ 04:A CAPTCHA image spanning two rows.

◆ 05:I am asked to enter something that is not a bad character.

◆ 06:It is a character string which I am unlikely to be able to enter even if I do my best.

◆ 07:A person who does not understand a word can not input.

◆ 08:It also seems difficult for people in the English-speaking world.

◆ 09:I do not know what is written in the first place.

◆ 10:What should I enter? ....

◆ 11:Angle input is required.

◆ 12:Perhaps cutting out part of the letters, it is cut too much. In the first place CAPTCHA is for "judging whether it is a human or a machine?", So it comes with a comment "I am a human".

◆ 13:I wanted you to lie down at least.

◆ 14:Fraction.

◆ 15:You will also be required to enter notes, but this entry is a difficult task.

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