We've got 7 types of "Happy Joy" in line with Happy Turn specialty stores

Kameda Seiyaku who sells a limited edition Happy Turn at Hankyu Umeda head office, "I would like to propose products beyond the traditional rice box". Before,articleAs I did, the buyers' row was waiting for 3 hours and it was a great success. In the last time I feared a long line of long snakes and gone away awfully, but this time I put in a spirit and line up in the row, "Happy JoyI managed to get seven different tastes.

HAPPY Turn's | Kameda Seiyaku Co., Ltd.

This time is a waiting time of about 1 hour 30 minutes. I put in a spirit and line up in a row.

Here is what gotten in line. Happy pop 30 pieces (1575 yen including tax) on the left, 12 pieces of Happy Joy (525 yen including tax) on the right. In Happy Pop, there are six kinds of taste except for Wakasan, out of 7 types of Happy Joy which are representative products of "HAPPY Turn's". After that, if you buy the taste of Washonson separately, you can "try all seven types of taste", so we are buying only Washonsan in 12 pieces.

First of all, I try to open it from a happy pop. The box looks elegant as red as a glitter.

Raw materials are listed for each taste.

Inside is like this. Because it is colorful and beautiful, it seems to be usable even when it is a gift.

In the box, there are 30 kinds of maple, grilled strawberries, camembert cheese, green tea, black sugar, purple sweet potato, each 5 pieces each, totaling 30 pieces.

First of all I will receive it from Maple taste. At first, Maple's strong sweetness spreads over the tongue, but afterwards it pulls off and you can feel the rice flavor of Happy Turn afterwards. It is the point that the powder particles are very fine and become easy to dissolve.

Next is a strawberry taste. We are using raspberry powder made from North American raspberries. The moment I put it in my mouth, the sweet and sourness of raspberry is felt, and the sweetness of raspberry spreads to the crowd feeling. It is good that you can feel it as perceived at the moment you eat raspberry taste. While weakens the rice flavor peculiar to happy turns firmly. Although it is good to eat it alone, if you eat it in several varieties, this sour taste seems to be a good accent.

Camembert cheese flavored with cheese powder. You can feel the taste of rich cheese that spreads to the nose, but there is no bad feeling and the aftertaste is refreshing. I ate it after the strawberry taste so I felt the sweetness of the cheese better. When eating in several kinds like this, there seems to be a change in the taste depending on the order of eating.

This is Matcha taste.Tsuji Tsuichi head officeA real dish that Uji used green tea. First of all, it smells fragrant tea very well.

When eating, it feels an elegant taste of sweetness and bitter taste of Matcha, and after a few meals bitter taste remains slightly bitter. Sweetness losing bitterness in desserts such as ice Many green tea flavors stand out, but this is exactly like the taste of Matcha taste used as it is. I felt that this taste well matched the rice's gentle taste of Happy Turn.

I also challenge the black sugar flavor. Maple taste comes first with sweetness, but this brown sugar taste makes sweetness grow up chewy. You can feel the sweetness that is rich in fragrant brown sugar until the end. To that extent, the taste of Happy Turn is felt slightly weak, but it seems to be a good accent if you eat it in several varieties.

Produced from KyushuAyamurasakiPurple sweet potato using. The soft sweetness of potato and the taste of rice are the best match. Sweetness is not too strong, so it is easy to eat. It is good that the rice taste firmly feels the rice flavor.

So, the remaining Wasserbon will be a Happy Joy here. The pack is also an elaborate design, and it seems that it can be used for souvenirs as well.

Looking at raw materialsWasanbon sugarDiscovered the description of. Wakamitsu is a complicated work of refined sugar, it is the most expensive as sugar, it is famous as sugar for high class Japanese confectionery.

12 pieces entered.

The package looks something like this.

Spready sweetness spreading smoothly in the mouth, there is a rich flavor. The sweet little feeling which is the characteristic of Happy Turn can be tasted firmly in the end, the taste close to the most normal Happy turn in the series of Happy Joy. So, if you are familiar with old-fashioned Happy Turns, you may want to try this first.

Every taste was a content that enjoyed a variety of ingenious tastes well while enjoying the characteristics of Happy Turn. Although it is in a situation that it is not readily available yet, the happiness when it is possible to get it is great. Furthermore, because it has become a taste that does not disappoint the expectation, people who like Happy Turn seems to be worth getting it even if you have a hard time.

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