Amazon's 6-inch e-book reader "Kindle Paperwhite 3G" body photo review

Amazon's 6-inch e-book reader finally released in Japan "Kindle Paperwhite"When"Kindle Paperwhite 3G". Since "Kindle Paperwhite 3G" reserved at the editorial department has arrived, I opened it and tried to pick up the main body.

Kindle Paperwhite - a built-in e-book reader

Kindle Paperwhite 3G - built-in e-book reader

Arrived at Amazon's cardboard.

There is a package inside the cardboard, Amazon contains the logo on the top.

On the side is the letter "kindle paperwhite".

I will tear apart from the oblique part of the package

If you lift the lid and lid, the main body will appear

Under the main unit is microUSB

I tried to take out all what was in. Contents are Kindle Paperwhite 3G main body and microUSB 2.0 charging cable, warranty card, start guide.

The main body size is 169 mm × 117 mm × 9.1 mm, the display size is 6 inches, the resolution is 212Ppi. The capacity is 2 GB (usable area about 1.25 GB).

It is about this size when an adult man gets it.

This is about compared with iPhone 4S.

Comparing the thinness with the iPhone 4S, it was about the same.

Kindle TouchCompared with Touch, Touch is slightly bigger but almost the same size.

Nexus 7Compared with Nexus 7, which is 7 inches in display size, it is bigger than that.

ThatIPad mini slightly larger than Nexus 7And it is like this.

The screen is also 9.7 inchesIPad Retina display modelThere is only this difference when compared with.

The back is a matte texture finish.

At the bottom of the main unit is microUSB port, three indicator lights that shine during charging. There is no button etc except for the bottom.

Upper part

Left side

right side

As a result of measurement, the weight is about 217 g

All other Amazon content can be stored in the cloud for free, there is no need to install software or complicated settings, you do not need to use a PC. When using wireless connection off for 30 minutes a day, you can use up to 8 weeks with one charge. Supported file formats correspond to Kindle (AZW 3), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI · PRC, HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP correspondence by converting.

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