From Stradivarius to Maracas, various instruments that can be made with 3D printers Various summary

You can print solid objects3D printerBut recentlyInexpensive and high quality goodsIt is getting easy, and it is getting easier to reach out. In the site "3d Printed Instruments" that gathers information on 3D prints, I have posted many instruments that I can actually create using 3D printers. Musical instruments range from the violin masterpieces Stradivarius to the original musical instruments like maracas.

Printed Instruments - 3d Printed Instruments

◆ 01:Flute
A flute made with a 3D printer by MIT students is only about 15 hours of production time.

Everything up to the detail is made with 3D printers.

A state where the actual playing and the production process are here.

3D Printed Flute - YouTube

In addition, it seems that a trumpet with the following complicated design will be made in future.

◆ 02:Guitar by Odd
Guitars with complex designs are actually sold as well, and prices are$ 3,500It is about 280,000 yen.

Those that imagined a spider's web ... ...

There are things of different designs.

◆ 03:Zoybar TOR
Unique design guitar which reduced the area of ​​the body to the limit.

The state of the performance is as follows.

Zoybar TOR on Vimeo

◆ 04:Musical Shaker
This is an instrument that shakes like maracas.

It is possible to produce various sounds by changing things to put in during 3D printing.

◆ 05:spiral panpipes
I draw a wrapper and a spiralPanpipeAlso made by 3D printer.

The size can be easily held with your fingers.

◆ 06:Phaux's Ocarina
Blue ocarina does not assemble what you made separately for each part, but by doing 3D printing together, it prevents problems such as no sound.

◆ 07:Croaking Frog
Musical instruments in VietnamMocockIt is made by 3D print rather than tree.

When stroking the surface with a wooden stick, you will hear a sound like a frog's bark.

◆ 08:Rattle, with peas included
Musical instruments like maracas with peas inside.

3D data looked like this.

◆ 09:Dan Moi
Below are the musical instruments to play by playing with your fingers,Harpis.

This is made by 3D print. The gold color on the back is made brass.

When playing it seems to adjust the sound by tongue movement.

3D Printable Dan moi - YouTube

◆ 10:Recorder V 2.2
A recorder that is assembled from four parts.

It is possible to play without problems like a normal recorder.

3D Printed Recorder: Simple Gifts - YouTube

◆ 11:Shakuhachi Flute
Shakuhachi of an elaborate design can also be produced by 3D print.

Normally it is made of bamboo, 3D printing is like a bronze color.

3D-Printed Shakuhachi Flute - YouTube

◆ 12:Musette
Appearance as if oboe was made smallMusette.

Lion sculpture is given.

◆ 13:Whistle
Simple whistle can be produced in 26 minutes if 3D data is used.

◆ 14:Supportless Kazoo
Kazu is a musical instruments that the voice shakes and becomes a trumpet-like sound when humming in the mouth. It is an assembly formula.

Originally African instruments, there is not much familiarity in Japan, but there are movies actually playing Kazoo.

Enter Kazoo Man: Metallica Enter Sandman performed on KAZOO by Mister Tim (multitrack) - YouTube

◆ 15:Saxophone mouthpiece
Also, not only instruments, saxophone mouthpieces are also made with 3D prints.

It is from the following movie that you are actually using it.

Leo van Oostrum test Mondstuken on Vimeo

◆ 16:Stradivarius
Famous instrumentStradivariusCan also be reproduced with 3D print.

The state of the performance is as follows.

Digital Forming: 3D Printed Stradivarius by EOS - YouTube

◆ 17:Dual Mouthpiece
Here is an item to make two whistles blow at the same time.

I will use it like this.

The following musical instruments are made of plywood, but those made by overlaying layers like 3D prints.

◆ 18:mechanical synthesizer
A synthesizer made by stacking plywood boards. It was a tool used in the 19th century.

The state of the performance is from the following movie.

◆ 19:roundrect ocarina
It is difficult to understand at first sight, but it is a wooden ocarina.

You can see the state you are making and the performance from the following movie.

◆ 20:8-bit violin
The violin which was made with 8 bit pixels was assembled by stacking trees.

A state where you are actually playing is here.

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