Google announced the arrival of 700,000 Android applications, delayed to Apple about 1 year

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Google announced that the number of applications for Android has reached approximately 700,000. Apple has already announced that it has more than 700,000 applications distributed on the App Store.

Google Says 700,000 Applications Available for Android - Businessweek

Android application on Google Play

Businessweek,Google Play StoreIt tells Google's story that the number of applications registered to 700,000 has become 700,000. Apple said that the number of applications registered in the App Store exceeded 700,000Presented on September 12, 2012, And the fierce battle between both continues.

Google Play is a service that delivers applications, books, movies, etc for Android, and the application is delivered through "Google Play Store" in it. The service started in October 2008 with the name of the Android Market, and in October 2010 two years after the start, the total number of applications reached 100,000. It has reached 700,000 in two years from there. Chinami This is a Google announcement figure,AndroLibAlthough we have reached 600,000 books earlier, we estimate that the growth has slowed sharply from there.

On the other hand, the App Store started in July 2008. In November 2009, the total number of applications is 100 thousand, and in October 2010, it is different from 300 thousand books and it is different from Google Play.

In terms of the number of downloads, the App Store achieved 25 billion download on March 5, 2012.

Apple - Press Info - Apple's App Store Downloads Top 25 Billion

Google Play has achieved 25 billion downloads on September 26, 2012.

Google Play hits 25 billion downloads | Official Android Blog

Although there are differences in the timing of service start, although the gap has not yet clogged up, it has not reached a present situation, it is not greatly separated, and it is a relationship that both partners exercise.

By the way, the smartphone application market is said to be 219.1 billion dollars (about 17 trillion yen), and it is the same size as the OS market Microsoft controls and dominates with Windows. You can also nod your fierce fighting on tablets like the iPad mini and Nexus 7.

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