Free software "packet police for Windows" to log the communication record of the personal computer and software activation in the log

"Iesys.exe" to make a notice of a crime by remotely operating via a thread on a bulletin boardAlthough arresting false recognition by fear is trembling the world, in order not to be such a situation, SoftEther records the communication record of the personal computer and the start record of software automatically and records it "Packet Police for Windows"Has been released.

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Press release material - "Packet Police for Windows" developed and released as freeware urgently

This software is software that runs on Windows, and if you start it, it will log the communication that the PC communicated and the software started up. As software runs under system privilege, it is not possible to delete or tamper with the log file with general user authority, so it is impossible to handle this "packet police" by general remote-controlled virus operation is.

The intention of emergency release as freeware is explained as follows.

Recently, many good cases of Internet users are infected by remotely operated viruses, and the computer screen is remotely operated by the perpetrators. Then, when the criminal conducts a criminal act, a record as if the owner of the PC did such a criminal act remains. It is a serious problem that the owner of the personal computer is identified based on the IP address and arrested misidentified.

Since it is difficult to detect remote control viruses created by the criminal as described above with antivirus software, even if you are careful enough, you may get infected. As a result, users of the Internet are made a stepping stone by a criminal without being noticed by anyone, and furthermore, as a result of the investigation relying on the IP address by the police, there is a possibility that the false accident resulting from misidentified arrest may be damaged.

Since this is causing a great uneasy among general Internet users, SoftEther quickly resolves this concern and contributes to the safe development of the Internet, so it infects the virus and remotely controls We have developed and released "Packet Police for Windows" which is a software that reliably keeps communication record and startup record of software even when it becomes a steppingstone of.

The main screen looks something like this.

Communication record

Process start record

In addition, the name "police" is attached with the nuance that the user watches the behavior of the computer by himself (like the police), and there is no function to transmit the log to the police without permission . For other detailed questions, information is summarized in the FAQ.

"Packet Police for Windows" - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

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