McDonald's makes fried potato Movie released three processes of harvesting, processing and cooking

McDonald's hamburger recipeGenerally publishedIt has been done,How to make Big MacThere is also a movie that explains, but this time it is "Are McDonald's French fries potatoes really made from potatoes?", "When doing processing, do you do shaping apart from cuts?", "Why are you A movie that explains McDonald's Fried Potato Questionnaire while watching the process of actual harvesting, processing and cooking is on YouTube.

How McDonald's Canada Makes their World Famous Fries - YouTube

It is Mr. SCOTT GIBSON, manager of McDonald's Canada who will report backstage of French fries.

Because McDonald 's French fries are a classic and popular menu, there are a lot of people who are interested in how they are making.

So we will continue to receive questions from customers.

First of all, the first question is "Where does potato come from?" That french fries are not real potatoes "but what is said.

As timing is right, it is just the time of harvest, so let's actually explain the situation of harvesting by potato farmer ANGELO LEVESQUE.

There are 3 machines in total. Two of them use the same one.

Harvesting potatoes is done with the machine immediately behind the two machines.

Looking from the front like this.

I will dig a potato from the ground.

Potatoes that pounded soil and sorted out from weeds and stones ......

I will stack it on the truck bed next to the machine.

Rumbling rough

The truck carrying the potatoes will be carried to the loading area as it is.

Potatoes are transferred from the truck to the conveyor.

A stone etc together with the potato is removed by the hand of a person in the conveyor.

Then they are piled on a truck bed and transported to the factory.

So that's the answer to the question, "Where does potato come from?"

Move the place and this time to a potato processing factory.

The next question is ......

"Is the potato cut, processed, and then shaped?"

McDonald 's French fries do not go through the process of shaping once. This time, MARIO DUPUIS, Production Manager, will tell you the process of the process while looking behind the scenes.

The processing of McDonald's French fries is very simple.

Potatoes that have been carried are put on the factory line ......

Washed with water ......

It is thrown into the peeling system.

And when Tsurun and peel off ... ...

It passes through the cutting system.

If you go through the mesh blades ... ...

As you can see, it has a familiar shape of potatoes.

Staying steadily on the line ... ...

Fried potato will be completed only by frying for 45 to 60 seconds at the shop by cutting the moisture firmly.

Freeze the potatoes ......

To bag it.

It is put in a box ...

It will be transported to the McDonald's store.

The potatoes that have been processed are fried at the store at the end, but here also the questions.

First of all, what kind of oil does McDonald's use for the fly?

The answer is that "100% vegetable oil is used".

The next question is: "Why are there so many salt in french fries?"

To say "It is a very good question", depending on the feeling of that person, I feel that it feels much or too salt, so I will show how much salt actually is used.

What SCOTT has in hand is a tool for shaking salt used in stores.

A certain amount of salt comes out when turning it in the basket.

This is the amount of salt used per 1 basket of french fries.

Transfer salt from basket to cup ......

Transfer from cup to spoon further.

It was just a spoonful of salt.

This is equivalent to four medium potatoes.

Flying potato behind the scenes ended here because "This should be the answer." McDonald 's other than thisExplain how to make Big Mac which can be done at homeDoing it,Where does putty come from?YaProcedure for taking product photosAnd so on in the movie, and used at that timeWe are still accepting questions.

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