Headline news on October 16, 2012

Weekly Shonen Jump as the official manga application "Jump BOOK store!"Has been released. The first talk of the latest jump comics will be delivered for free for a limited time, and more than 1000 series of past series can be purchased from the application. The price is from 350 yen per book to 450 yen per piece, and it is a point that you wanted a special benefit such as being able to answer the questionnaire via this if there is no big difference when actually purchasing a comic.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Coming thorough commentary on Amazon's Kindle strategy in the coming future of Japanese e-books - GIGAZINE

E-mobile releasing inexpensive outlet terminal with real fee of 0 yen, including communication charges - GIGAZINE

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I tried making a menu table of Mac wwwwwwwwwwwww sticky .com

Painful news (No ∀ `): Mr. Fumihiro Uezu exposing Yarase ... Levitation of Asahara in the air" That is not blown but is jumping "- Livedoor blog

Weekly SPA! 10/23 (released October 16) People on the cover / Madoka Kaname (Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica) | Nikkan SPA!

Cast determined when making Bio 6 into a movie in Japan Decided: Kini speed

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: How much can you make a face with makeup

The moment I saw the combination of "lipstick in white paint", I remembered cardaman.

Humans are getting better at these pictures in two years ...: Vivro

VIPPER I: the land of a remote district like Shikoku wwwwwww

Tell me about Mahjong terminology knowledge BIP blog

Daikaku point of Ya Line

"Ikuwako" shining eyes on iPS cells | TOKOSO Web Tokyo sports newspaper

For example, in a doujinshi magazine, suppose an offensive man spews the word "pregnant with my child" in sex with a receiving man. Until now, this was only an "effect" that plays a part in sexual excitement, but it will change in future. For "iPS things" by erotic doujinshi, it will be established as "I will fertilize eggs made from your body with my sperm!"

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Let's collect such images of Mr. Moriguchi! - Livedoor blog

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Do we need to turn gay people out? «WIRED.jp

California for the first time in the state of the United States exiled psychotherapy trying to turn gay people heterosexual. What are supporters of orthodontics? What is the view of science?

Moriguchi article, Co-author "Not involved" Delete Name: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

US Navy, Adventure Guy Fund McGuibar Robot Development Funding | Slashdot Japan

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Asahi Newspaper Digital: PC remote control "12 involvement" Mail addressing the real criminal - Society

Mail is 130 lines. At 11:22 pm on 9th, I got to Yoshi Ochiai attorney (Tokyo Bar Association) familiar with the trouble on the net.

2012-10-16 - Lawyer Osamu Ochiai (Tokyo Bar Association)'s "Day to Remember"

As I said about the interview, it was classed as a spam mailbox, and I noticed yesterday evening. Before that, already some inquiries were coming from the mass media (it seems there was a statement that I sent it to me also to the mail sent to TBS), since it can not be said that I do not know if it is heard, It is dependent on being supposed to be done.

Remote operation "real criminal" criminal statement to TBS Mail - Sponichi Annex society

◇ 6 incidents stated in e-mail
▼ June 29 Yokohama City homepage notice of elementary school attack
▼ July 29 indiscriminate murder notice to the HP in Osaka city
▼ August 1 Aircraft Explosion Notice to Japan Airlines
▼ 27 Aki Shininomiya's eldest son Yujin attends Ochanomizu University Attached kindergarten Attack kindergart
▼ intimidate the office to which Akito Ashida belongs
▼ September 10 Destruction notice of Ise shrine destruction to net bulletin board

Gakushuin, liberation alliance also notice remote manipulation or "real culprits" in e-mail - sponich Sponichi Annex society

Tokyo Newspaper: Investigate Denial Incidents PC remote control "real criminal" more than ten mention: society (TOKYO Web)

If a criminal statement is true, a new problem also arises.

In a case in Yokohama, a male student (19) of the second year of university in Suginami Ward, Tokyo, was arrested by Kanagawa prefectural police on suspicion of disturbing power work in July.

According to investigators, the involvement of university students emerged from the address of the computer's originator that remained in the server managed by Yokohama City. Initially it denied allegations that he was "unfairly arrested", but after that he acknowledged the allegation that he thought "I should try to look for an elementary school student who seemed to be a fun elementary school student" and became probation observation in August.

In addition, the Metropolitan Police Department arrested a man in Fukuoka City (28) due to a mailing incident on Koji raids and entertainment productions.

Men initially admitted suspects, but then prosecutors' investigation turned negative and released on suspended punishment.

Lieutenant \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Two hours of crime prevailing virus, four of whom are suspected of innocent victims suspect - Livedoor blog

Leisure person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: "Thank you for playing" → Police "Nu ah ah ah ah !!! - Livedoor blog

29: Snow Leopard (Osaka): October 16, 2012 (Tuesday) 07: 24: 52.46 ID: VKOefdtG 0
The criminal lives in eastern Japan

37: White (Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region): 2012/10/16 (Tue) 07: 33: 36.83 ID: 0 DkZ / 8 M / 0
>> 29
It will be East Japan
Just wishing for the West Japan line

38: Black tiger (Kanagawa): October 16, 2012 (Tuesday) 07: 34: 22.26 ID: XvZ7JV9M0
Worst Overseas Possibilities

Hebei Shinbun Tohoku news / Sengoku line, Tohoku line connection to Matsushima Town interconnection JR East considers

Both lines are connected in a parallel section in Matsushima cho, Miyagi prefecture, and some vehicles enter. Today, the shortest distance between Sendai and Ishinomaki stations is about 1 hour and 10 minutes of Odessa station route using Tohoku Line, which is expected to be shortened by nearly 20 minutes.

Mr. Takashi Uesugi asked Mr. Nobuo Ikeda 's article "Mr. Takashi Uesugi stole the article of Yomiuri" on official website Delete request - Togetter

【Japan national football team】 Composed on 4 arms of GK Kawashima player "Fact of nuclear accident" and Buddha TV bullying - MSN Sankei News

"Film director - Koji Wakamatsu, seriously injured in a traffic accident" News i - TBS video news site

Chugoku Shimbun: Assaulted by an elephant deceased Fuji Safari Park: Society (CHUNICHI Web)

Navy sailing navy waters of the Navy NHK News

Misery of Japanese media surprised by foreign journalists: Nikkei Business Digital
Somehow the original article has been deleted.

I think to the Nikkei business article suddenly vanished - necessity of "Check mechanism of check mechanism of power" | 50+ (Fifty plus)

Tako fried protest 'Do not let it go' Osprey request Oki US Forces request - Ryukyus Shimpo - Okinawa newspaper, regional news

Current affairs dot com: "Present a washing machine presentation to Professor Yamanaka" = Fumio Tanaka proposes

FNN News: Navy ships navy in the direction of the Senkaku Islands a few navy vessels rush

"Apple Dashing" Means Unselected Samsung Japanese Company Losing to Korea (1/4 Page) - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Americans "The hot springs in Japan were disliked to have many regulations and naked, but they all blew away when they were immersed in a bathtub.": Ron speed

I went to the briefing on SOD - kondoyuko's Cultural Hackers

Another characteristic feature was the fact that the current president was a woman and the trend of sales and ordinary income from the foundation, but the reason for the depression is that reason (eg, each director releases We have honestly presented the reform plan (eg, reorganization of the organization, implementation of the organizing conference, reducing the number of releases, etc., to create a high work of the room), as the quality has decreased as the number had been cleared However, it was interesting and fun. In other briefing sessions for hiring, such information is interesting for me who is unfamiliar because we talk about sales and profit trends, but only "information on business performance is not bad". is.
Also, it seems that we will take a tour of the location before the final interview at the recruiting step. Looking, it seems to make a decision as to whether you can really work here. It seems that parents' consent is required for joining the company.

You guys graduate right now wwwwww: Kini speed

I like the lonely atmosphere of the fast SA or PA at midnight: ぁ ゃ ι ぃ (* ゚ ゚) NEWS 2nd

I was confessed from a girl for the first time but the reason is unknown but it is clearly a voicew point

Virgins who are excessively frightened of pregnancies ... Female college students "I am afraid that my life plans are going crazy with X" - Chaama Speed ​​(¯ ^ ¯)

Let's reveal the real circumstances of the woman I want you to know to my boyfriend here! | Romance nomads

Development of "cardboard bicycle" in Israel, free provision to poor countries | global speech | Reuters

Common sense thought: In Japan "Is it no good anymore if it fails"? Professor Yamanaka "Violently failing while being young" Voice of repulsion on the net - Livedoor blog

Business Media Makoto: Do ​​you like meat favors? Common points of executives heard from the secretary (1/2)

Salary surge in the oil drilling industry, annual salary of 39 million yen at manager | global speech | Reuters

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Hatena blog is surprisingly excellent for two reasons | Men's Hack

Computer way of Han (otoko): Mixi, please listen to your opinion.

On the review of Yuru Character Grand Prix Daily Ranking Closure and Fun Pollution Entry - Togetter

Teen's iPod will reveal New York City police assault and racial discrimination

Web public recruiter writer Unbearable cheap job - Togetter

【2ch】 New Speed ​​Quality: [Over Rai] On Twitter a first year high school student takes a bite to Mr. Otake and is in flames

115 Japanese Bob tail (Gifu) Prefecture 2012/10/14 (Sun) 21: 03: 43.27 ID: Erh6MTMN0
It feels like Mohawk sells a fight to Kenshirou w

Painful news (No ∀ `): PSY will disappear as soon as Youtube makes viewing time more important than viewing times - Livedoor blog

All recordings of the lecture made by Steve Jobs in 1983 are released - astonishing foresight - CNET Japan

He says that Apple's strategy is "to achieve computers with surprisingly high performance, with computers that can be learned in 20 minutes with a portable book size". Is not this similar to what we today are familiar with? Apple also wanted to install "wireless connectivity" on those computers so that people can communicate with "a larger database" and other computers without having to wire around the cables.

The common point between impersonation crime predecessors and past crime precedents - free scrip at satoru.net

Compact size good sound that is perfect for TV side and PC, easy sound, easy handed powered speaker Yamaha powered speaker "NX - 50" - News Release - Yamaha Corporation

Security hole detection that can obtain a large number of phone numbers on Facebook | Slashdot Japan IT

Web application vulnerable to impersonation crime predictions Vulnerability - ockeghem tumblr

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Nico Nico Animation Channel Historical Ranking Ranking (Medium) | Nico Nico Animated Anime Views Summary

Plump! : "Revolutionary Girl Utena" Blu-ray Box released on sale!

Capcom Inc. | vol03. Sugiura Kazunori (Developer Interview 2012)
Producer of "Monster Hunter Frontier Online"

Results of survey on "Otaku" market, online game increased by 30% compared with the previous year, market expanded steadily (1/1): MarkeZine (Marketzin)

Are the girls in the club girls rotten? - Fucking eternity !!!

But why did they decide that they were "bitch girls"? If there is no mistake in my memory, it is supposed to be a woman who sprouts as a "girls and girls" work and character with a theme of romance between men. Just a fighting game corner, why are you a girl girl? Similar scenes have come across other places as well. When you are in a place like Tonohana or Mandarake, there is always a man who squirrels about a woman who is there "Rotting girls!" Anyway, I want animate. Even Comike is so. Even if you are in a place that does not relate to BL, girls who step into 'the area of ​​men' for some reason why they are labeled as 'girls' (to men, of course).

Writer: Advice from Mr. Matsumori Matsu. "What kind of advice should I give to the child I want to be a writer?" → "You should oppose it with all your power. You better give up as soon as you give up, and you can not do most of the work if you continue writing without getting frustrated.Nevertheless, Only the one who wrote it will come out to the world "- Togetter

The Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival Kobe Exhibition

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TOKIO Awesome Wolter wwww: Kini speed

"Sagawa Shiga" To the abolished part, football JFL's powerhouse: Kyoto Shimbun

New movies Ikki in Tokyo International Film Festival - ticket board

Speaking of short-term decisive battle of Softbank? "You have a man" Trust in Masahiko Morifuku. (1/4) - Number Web: Number

What J PRIDE: 【Baseball】 Yokohama Wakabe Last part belonged to what was not to be done

Rakuten is fastest with 12 teams and announces the leadership of baseball team

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Kirin Beverage | News Release | Limited shipment fruit juice beverage using lemon juice cultivated in designated seasonal series 5th farm "Koiwai pure water honey lemon" November 20 (Tue) New release ~ "Koiwai pure water juice Children Bunko Project "About 12,000 original picture book donation ~

(PDF file)"Ming stars Noboru Evolution Winter Pork Bone Miso" November 12, 2012 (Monday) New Release (PDF 280 KB)

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