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Japan Acer sells 10.1 inch tablet "ICONIA TAB A 200" with Android 3.2 from April 25. As the concept is "a new tablet that can be enjoyed at home," this A 200 has "Home tab"It is nicknamed and it has become a product conscious of enjoying in the house rather than the conventional product. In 2011, ICONIA TAB A 500 gained the top share in terms of annual product sales volume for Android tablet devices.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Detailed picture of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant from the occurrence of the accident published by TEPCO to the nearest variety Various - GIGAZINE

【___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0

Sony will ship a large capacity storage module "LIM 1001" that realizes a long life of 10 years or longer, rare metal is unnecessary - GIGAZINE

Human firing at a San Francisco porn shop, "God's work" and local pastor - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
We organized the order in the river wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww -

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Let's also do mountains (suggestions)

Twitter / @ViVibbm: 名大のトイレに画期的な新機能。 http://pic.twitter.com/TM9BvC6n

Steve Jobs' valuable business cards * people's homepage making homepage

Kusoge of the Year in Erotic Board @ Wiki - 2011 overall review

"It's this setting again ..." Sorry for getting sick and amazing - VIP

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A miserable bad guy gets pushed back into a wife and Tajitazi

Prime Minister Putin "What is long, green and smelly of meat?" In a ruling speech during a parliamentary speech Wrong crab report

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I doubt that the smell of meat is somewhere around the message like "I will make you a meat chunk"

VIPPER me: suffering "Dodd · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·"

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Delicious Shango "This LOVE has been done, please come back tomorrow, I will inject a real LOVE."

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Asahi Shimbun Digital: Planned power outage area, automatically determined Electricity introduction into the system - Economy

Divide the inside of the pipe in advance into 8 groups by region, making 6 rotations per day for 2 hours in a row in each case. In addition, when there is concern about power shortage from weather and demand trends, we predict the amount of shortage and time of electricity of the next day by 5 pm the previous day, and decide on a group to automatically power out. On the day, the final judgment on the power outage implementation is made based on the supply and demand forecast two hours before the blackout. It instructs the substation to stop power transmission automatically. To make it easier for the residents to identify the power failure area by address, it is possible to exclude big hospitals and railroads from power outages.

Thinking about Stanford University recently | Mokilog

Until around 6 to 7 years ago, I remember that Stanford University and UC Berkeley were considered to be a dualist in the IT field here in the Bay Area. I think that it was not my mind that Stanford suddenly began to gather more attention from around the rise of Google, as each research institution and the personnel who was raised were equal. As the trend of the IT industry moved to the web, the trend became noticeable. And this Instagram acquisition plays.

There is no doubt that the level of students / professors is the top level in the US, respectively. As a possible extrinsic basis, there is a fund difference. While Stanford collects a substantial amount of donations mainly from graduates every year, UC Berkeley is suffering the aftermath of California's financial difficulties, repeatedly raising tuition fees → student demonstration news every year I see.

Can not withdraw levitation Retract? In the third bactericidal method to the internal bacteria zero + (1/3 page) - MSN Sankei News

In the subcommittee of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which was considering regulation, what was shown as a method other than heating is sterilization with a chlorine disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite). Professor Shinji Yamasaki of Osaka Prefecture University of Environmental Sciences at the request of the Federation of Meat Promotion Cooperatives Federation (Full Meat Association) conducted a sterilization experiment and confirmed that the surface can be sterilized by the end of last month. Currently it is working on confirming whether sterilization is possible to the inside, he said he wants to clarify the effectiveness by the end of May.

Makoto: Really a diesel? Approach development confidentiality of Mazda "CX-5" (1/3)

"Exhaust gas is dirty" "Noisy" "Do not run". Mazda sold the new SUV "CX-5" in February diesel engine-equipped model blown out such a negative image. In order to realize a clean, quiet and low fuel consumption diesel car, there was the accumulation of minor improvements that engineers desperately worked on.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
April 17 (Tue) 【Proposed amendment to the copyright law: prudent reason to introduce criminal punishment for illegal download】 -

If at least the music industry claims to "criminal punishment for individuals", it is necessary to verify that the illegal upload criminal punishment did not produce an increase in revenue effects, and by introducing penalties for illegal downloads, Does it bring about increased sales? I should explain it to the world properly. I think that it should not lightly introduce criminal punishment for individuals without such concrete grounds.
In the first place without uploading, there is no download. Roots are illegal uploads. It is strange that concrete results can not be seen two years after criminal punishment of this. Has the industry firmly tackled criminal charges etc?

Painful news (No ∀ `): 100 kilometers into the intersection of" Car Bound "to surprise friends → Passenger's death or injury ... Kagawa - Livedoor blog

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It is certain that the passengers were surprised

Look to the Tsugaru Strait - Hotspot is not the only Senkaku: Nikkei Business Online

Just one year ago, at Peking University I got an opportunity to give a lecture on Asian maritime security issues. In addition to the university students, experts inside and outside Beijing, the audience also had cadres from the active Chinese navy. What was especially interesting in the Q & A session was a question about the Tsugaru Straits.

New construction "vacancy rate 38%" Age: Nikkei Business Online

In general, it is said that the vacancy rate is 5% that the power relations between shops and landlords are reversed. If this level is exceeded, the tenant will dominate. In 2007, which was a boom before the Lehman shock, vacancy rate was 3%, owner dominated.

"Grandfather was ..." Shonen girl, middle 1 ... Guidance: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asahi Shimbun Digital: JR Hanwa Line, Opinion over the Opinion Call Train Canceled Call Point Person Noticed - Society
There are frequent accidents such as injuries, so it is hard to move as per the diagram

China refused the objection of "Mori Ito" Trademark Office, Isami etc. - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

I am caught my head and arm eating a 6.5-meter-long Amyme Python snake and killed a lot of bleeding Ibaraki crab breaking news

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Color scheme sense 0 OK! Is it? Clothes, interior, design, "various colors" might improve "60-30-10 Rule"! | WEB store in Vancouver

The author who dislikes the annual income of 8 million is No. 1 Kazuyo Katsuma! The special feature of "President" reading is amazing! (Excite Review) - Excite News

Basics of bath lymph poisoning: Nikkei Woman Online 【Swallowed down size! 1 minute bath lymph hopping]

German erotic book selling circumstances seen by Mr. parking on the street. It was a crimson lie that western countries are tougher than Japan. - Togetter

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Notice on recording of information security measures (extraordinary loss) and revision of earnings forecast «Vector IR · Company information
Vector's final profit / loss for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012 is expected to be a loss of 255 million yen.

"Criticism of Prime Minister's official residence HP cost" Hiroyuki questioned | Daily SPA!

Meaning of Amazon's ebook strategy / Charlie Stross
Three keywords necessary to understand Amazon are "hollow", "monopoly", "buyer monopoly".

Official blog for Google Webmasters: Webmaster Tools Crawl Errors feature is new

What is the origin of the incentive?

Although there is something to be said about the recent increase in MNP cashback, there is something stupid, but "I do not think you will pay from the basic fee less than 1000 yen, where is the cash back funds out?" I have a question. Today I feel like I wrote a story about that cash back (= incentive incentive = incentive), but again.

Business card size "3000 yen personal computer" begins shipment To resolve waiting for reservation of over 250,000 units: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Does Google manually penalize SEO spam? | Overseas SEO information blog

Google AdWords' new match type, Near Exact and Near Phrase will be released. | SEM-LABO

How is the US cloud vendor "Soft Layer" fighting with Amazon, RackSpace? - Publickey

Not widely known in Japan, Amazon, Rackspace is followed by a cloud vendor with Soft Layer. According to a 2011 survey of the West Coast venture capital Y Cominator, it has gained popularity next to Amazon, Rackspace as a host of startup companies that the company invests.

Geek's page: An impression of IPv6 and IPv4 address inventory exhaustion problem

Is document creation a bug detection tool? | Slashdot · Japan Developer

The document makes it understand how it works when the code is handed over to another developer. Even with code other than yourself writing other than "I will never see" again, the document quickly summarizing the internal structure rechecks everything and grasps the structure or recalls the memories that were forgotten at the time of writing Have a role. However, it is not the only merit of writing documents. In the process of rechecking the code to write, there is a possibility to discover small bugs. When it comes to a big program, it will be difficult to find small bugs. Combining checker such as code review with document production will help to transcribe a lot of high quality code.

Analytics Japanese version official blog: New version of Google Analytics that got easier to use

[Technical Topic of the Month] Should I Wait Windows 8? - For IT Professionals - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Here, people in the IT department planning to move to Windows 7 should have a common question.
"Should I wait until Windows 8?"
When a new OS or software release is announced, it is always a question of doubt.
I will draw a conclusion. You should never wait. There are several reasons.

Google Japan Blog: Updated Chrome for Android

"China, SOPA, フ ェ イ ス ブ ッ ク ...... open web threats" by Google's Sergei Brin «WIRED.jp World's Strongest 'Techno' Journalism

Mr. Blin raises the following as a threat to the open web (and Google)

· Smartphone application (Apple comes at the top)
· Bills such as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act)

Regarding these bills, he said that the United States intends to use the content censoring technology of China and Iran that once criticized himself, and the media industry fears that illegal copying would be rampant, and his / her legs or legs He shot a giganter place than a gun, "he said.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
In this week's jump, "DQN threatens women for rape and abducts in cars" drawing realistically and readers dissatisfaction exploded! It is! : 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

【Human Report] Akamatsu Ken's Advertisement for J Commerce Advertisement, Cats and Negima Tried to Examine the Effect! And voice actor

The display number of Plan B is 782 and the number of clicks is 24. The click rate is over 3% over it. Based on the advertisement cost of ¥ 1,000 for tax and ¥ 1,050 for tax for one week, the cost per click is surprising 6.25 yen! Price of banner advertisement's CPC is Zakkuri \ 100. Also, considering the price of advertisements on Google and Yahoo! search results (listing ads) is also Zakkuri ¥ 50 - ¥ 60, it is expensive for cost performance god level!

However this time because the advertisement content matched the needs of the reader this time. Will the results of the advertisement on this hand continue for the rest of the day? What is the wave caused by the days of the week? There are problems such as, it is a reference figure to the last. However, I have handled a one day advertisement for forbidden enterprise ^ ^; I would like to report any problems there. stay tuned!

... Anyway, it seems that Love Hinamo with a record of 2 million downloads in 2 weeks immediately after publication, now 1000 people browsing on a whole day do not go. Actually, I was expecting a slightly better effect, and I ate a shoulder watermark.

Is polyphonica ended content "Mooretsu Space Pirate" BD & amp; DVD 1 & amp; 2 Volume Comparison Comparison

Manga with bad fighting skill and poor manga: philosophy news nwk

Business Media Makoto: Anime business now right now: "Kokurikozaka" turns into a turning point! The giddling business model of the ghibli (1/4)

Scenes that I thought that it is impossible in truth in Detective Conan - Win 2ch Summary Blog

Hachima Contribution: "Payment-possible gaming machine using Pachislot No. 4" appeared in Tokyo! For now seems legitimate wwww

【Official】 Anime "Thelmae Romaa" Epic Distribution! Part 1 - YouTube

April 20 (Friday) To celebrate the release of DVD & Blu-ray, special delivery! It is!

Started operation sequentially from April 18

New speed VIP blog gets angry at Nitroplus Co., Ltd. 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
【Breaking News】 Toriya Takeshi wwwwwwwwww «Hanshin Tigers« Nikkan Yakiniku @ Nan J

I do not know the reason why Hanshin is the leader - quick speed

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The director became normal from Aho

Sugiuchi is a giant's ace case completely «Yomiuri Giants« Nikkan Yakinamakyu @ J J

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I can eat ingining and as expected a number 18

【Professional baseball】 That person now popular aid in the past Recent status of 37 foreigners: There was a pleasure to put together myself J

Princess on the ice, born from a desert country, Zara / Lari Photo 10 international news: AFPBB News

J out of 103 fighters out of 103 play active jobs - Football News: nikkansports.com

Painful news (No ∀ `): Hiroshi Neko, Can not participate in the Olympics International Athletic Association" I just changed my nationality, I do not fall under a special case "- Livedoor blog

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You did not mind just being a cornerstone of doing something like this

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
IPad cable holder 200 - CA 020 series [Sanwa Direct]

Wrap the iPad cable around the holder so that it can be stored. Since the cable hook is attached, it is difficult to loosen the wound cable. You can place an iPhone on the part where you wrap the cable, you can also use it as a charging stand for the iPhone using the original AC adapter of the iPad.

Simpring compatible radio (2.4 GHz) Blue LED mouse 5 button energy saving model | Buffalo

Energy conservation model without battery replacement is required for about 1 year and 6 months, which greatly cuts power consumption by long battery design. Adopted Blue LED sensor which can operate on transparent glass table and transparent sheet which was difficult with conventional optical and laser type.

V-803 | Audio | Olympus Imaging

Layout of large size liquid crystal and large size button on compact body. Both portability and operability are compatible with each other, making it a model that can be used smartly. Moreover, USB terminal is built in the body, data transfer / charging to the personal computer can be easily done.

Release in mid-May

Lotte releases "Konishi chan 檸檬 ぐ み" and "小梅 ち ゃ ん 梅 戸 た っ た っ と"

Lemon juice 5% (converted into raw fruit juice) Coated gummy with powder of lemon flavor. Each time you chew, the sour flavor of lemon spreads in your mouth.

Formulated with Umeboshi powder (converted to plum, 2.9%). You can enjoy the sweet and sour flavor of plums at the moment of chewing.

Release on May 22

"London Olympics" Japan representative cheering product "Cup noodle GOLD gold sesame seasoning chicken salt taste" "Nissin's Donbu GOLD golden chicken, salt udon" "Nissin Yaki soba UFO GOLD gold oil oyster salty" 2012 New release on Monday, June 25

As the London Olympic Games are held in July 2012, we will release commemorative products to support Japan national team from the three brands "Cup Noodle", "Ninsei no Denpa" and "Nissin Yaki Soba U.F.O." "Golden syrup", "Nissin Yakisoba UFO" is "golden oil", and "Cup noodle" is "gold sesame", "Nissin no Denpu" We finished each one as a unique menu, and furthermore packaged "logo! Nippon! ®" logo.

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