Headline news on February 27, 2012

From Mitsuya Cider, which will be 129 years from the birth of the brand this year, reproduced the taste and package of the 1960s "Limited reprint Mitsuya Cider one-way bottle 310ml"Will be released. As the name says, the size is 310ml. We adopted a bottle container to reproduce the product at that time, and based on the recipe of 1969, we revive the taste of that time. Release is from March 27, the price is 150 yen for tax.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

When you drink tea, you gain concentration and improve work and reduce fatigue - GIGAZINE

External battery "solar" series compatible with all kinds of smart phones, solar panel attached - GIGAZINE

The world's oldest "MONOPOLY" existing in the world has a value of 12 million yen - GIGAZINE

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【Pennant】 How many people do you need to get Yokohama to win «Power Pro« Nikkan Yakiniku @ J J

I tried to examine how many Barry Bonds I need to win Yokohama with the power professional pennant: I was delighted to bring together myself J

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Do you charge a thousand yen for suica? There is a thousand yen in suica? - Livedoor blog

【Delightful】 The first automatic ticket gate in prefecture is set up in Toyama: sister is VIPPER

Tokyo Marathon 2012 "dress runner" Summary: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

【Copy】 Teacher "← ← The one who gave the fear to the students the first victory: Lobster Breaking News @ VIP (Rob Speed)

2: Nameless VIPPER 2012/02/25 (Sat) 16: 50: 36.94 ID: aur5W7PN0
Make two people - ^^;

[With image] Produce this rear child full life: Kini speed

2/26 (Sunday) AM 9: 00
Gathering on a holiday Temporarily standing at a certain station in Tokyo Female waiting for a person (16 years old)

>> Profile
· Black hair
· I long for life full of life
· But what about rearing?

The question of the personnel staff who really decided to adopt in 2 seconds was amazing

【Image】 Oh my, my life is a losing group ... Please give me an image to understand: Untitled document

The fun of American jokes is abnormal: Kini speed

5: Hereafter, VIP will send it as nameless: 2012/02/26 (Sunday) 23: 12: 39.49 ID: qDmqacpm0
Ted goes to buy an engagement ring and asks him to carve his name.
When a jeweler asked "How would you like to engrave?"
"Yes, please carve" From Mary to Love with Ted "
Then the jeweler asked with familiar feeling "I will not say bad things.
Just be sure to say "with love more than Ted"

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Utsuta Kyosuke gets runaway on Twitter wwwww - Livedoor blog

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Concept of "meat factory growing bird dead chickens" | Slashdot Japan Science

One Anonymous Coward says,
In recent years when efficient meat production methods such as artificial meat development are being sought, the concept of "making chickens artificially brain dead and efficiently producing meat" has been proposed (Common Post article, Original article).
"Surgically remove the cerebral cortex of the chicken and create a chick that left only the minimum ability to survive as a brain dead state.Since it is suspended in a pack, after feeding the necessary nutrition from the tube, efficiently meat Produce ". Since chickens do not move around, it is said that it will be able to capture a large amount of meat with less space compared with the conventional broiler production method.
Although it seems to be a proposal that may cause physiological aversion at first sight, at the broiler's production site, there are a lot of chickens with disabilities due to harsh breeding, and in any case it will eventually be killed From the beginning, it is more ethical to not feel pain from the beginning in the article? There is also pointed out. Will such methods become widely used in the future?

This concept is proposed by the UK university Royal College of Art (RCA) specializing in arts and design, "ADS 1" team that is studying urban agriculture at the Department of Architecture. According to the concept explanation by Andre Ford, it is said that this method is proposed as a way to efficiently produce chicken is desired now that food demand is increasing not only in the UK but globally. However, as it is concept, it is not yet known whether this can be put into practical use.

【Topic】 Was the phenomenon "eruption" of Mt. Fuji erupted in the live camera? Something possessed preliminary report

Consider nuclear power generation (1st) Nuclear power and nuclear reactors explained from the beginning of the first step: PC Online

To the adult woman correcting the fixed theory with decreasing "ovum origin": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

In the established theory, a woman has an egg for the whole lifetime when it was born, and it is said that it is decreasing to menopause, but even if adults have a cell to make eggs, it becomes to press for correction.

Banana and music - Toragenko journal

I do not see the dragon, but it seems that the news of content that seems to be received as soon as the sweet banana, which made the AKB music listen on TV news, has flowed. Learn from the next link article.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Arrested on suspicion of pervert in the train. "Weekly Toyo Economy" editor-in-chief got hooked? - week pre NEWS

"The goal of a molested creator is" arresting "regardless of whether the target has done or not.It's out so I can not do it anymore at the company, like the editor-in-chief of this time," I do not remember drinking alcohol Even if you deny the allegation, you will be told that "you can not believe what people say can not remember whether you drank sake or not."

To this point "Concentration has expired" as a candidate, a Kyoto University secondary examination (1/2 page) - MSN sanma west

In response to the cheating incident, Kyoto University said, "While expecting the conscience of students", in the recruitment requirement in FY 2012, wear mobile phones as "acts of suspicion of fraud" ▽ Pencils under the desk Take time - exemplify actions. Also warned in writing during the test was stated.

In addition, we added test supervisor on both 25 and 26 both days. We conducted a test with a "precautionary attitude" such as placing the bag at a place away from the seat.

The students showed various reactions. High school student Kitakyushu High School student, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka prefecture, who took the examination of the Faculty of Economics, said, "While Takemasa Torno (18) said," People putting hands under the thighs to warn the document I was issued, consciousness went over there. "

A girls high school student (18) in Nagaokakyo-shi, Kyoto Prefecture said, "Men's High School Student (18) in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture," It was checked just by placing the hair clip on the desk " There was not a lot of students complaining about correspondence which can be said to be excessive, such as speaking.

Everyone at Tokai University's 4th high school, please wake up - no gains to win today

It is strange at the time that there are students who forced them to come to school and hit their homeroom teacher.
Moreover, it seems strange that other students were angry or urged school to go to school by mail or telephone.

"Miki (Mr. Miki Valley) meeting the future for 10 years later": Nikkei Business Online

Since becoming the Rakuten group, price minister has changed drastically.
Engineers and development staff have doubled, and the marketing budget is doubled. Rakuten, with 10,000 employees, is an active and dynamic corporate culture. We actively absorbed it.
Rakuten succeeded in adopting the promotion method sequentially, and about 20 people who arranged EC consultants to support opening stores, which is also a feature of Rakuten. Then, sales were growing like interesting.
Every year in France, the EC market is growing by 15%, but the price minister's growth rate is 25% each year. In 2011, sales increased by 37% compared to the previous year.
However, it is still too late. Rakuten in Japan now has about 30,000 to 40,000 stores on the Rakuten Market, while Price Minister still has about 20,000 stores. It also has many small shops.
So this year, we plan to pick up about 2000 stores, which are comparatively large, out of 20,000 stores, and intensively expand sales. And grow by 50% each year, I want to build a rank of Japan like Rakuten in France.

Pain new breaking! : "Humans who let students go to buy cigarettes teacher ... The first education basic ordinance submitted by Osaka Prefecture is heading first, the ordinance is tough, the Shinano Mainichi Newspaper

NEWS post seven | "Denko chan" restructuring author Mr. Uchida Harukugi did not know

Japan 's administration can not do anything with Google' s revision of the rules: Agora - Livedoor blog

We have no choice.

Google announced on January 24 that the agreement has been revised since March 1 and the user information of disparate services is integrated. We only have to keep using Google services without knowing what kind of risk we take. However, this is the symbol that Japan and the state and companies can not adapt to the new era.

There are things that are clear. It means that we can not expect Japanese counterparts to cope with this regulation change problem. On February 24, Mr. Tatsuo Kawabata, Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs Minister, said at a Cabinet meeting "There is concern and I am considering what kind of response is possible". However, there is no case that the administration of the past in Japan swiftly moved against such movement from overseas. Far from being late, it is close to contemplated.

Korea Halloween fraud rampaging! Is it? 3 or more in 4 years, achieved Golfer 67 people + (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News

According to a survey by the Financial Supervisory Service reported by each paper, the insurance companies paid by insurance companies in the last four years rose to about 38.4 billion won (about 2.8 billion yen) against 9396 (11,615), exceeding the premium It says that.

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Reason why young people refuse "drinking party" - NEW STYLE | New style

(^ Ω ^) 'Warochi wwwww' too much extravaganza for the entrance examination - Golden Times

【Copy】 College Full Fall ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ (゜ ∀ ゜) ━━━━━ !!: Lobster Express Report @ VIP

1: Below, VIP will be sent to you as nameless: 2012/02/17 (Fri) 23: 32: 23.85 ID: Z5sa + / 6W0

Pattern of how to call when my sister calls my brother - Wanabi flash report archiver

"Shut up opponent by silence" 8 talking interactive techniques | No Second Life

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: 【With image] I made Sanuki udon for the first time! - Livedoor blog

18 years old, escape from homeless - blunt speed

1: Below, VIP will send it as nameless: 2011/12/26 (Monday) 12: 22: 47.49 ID: 8 Qg 3 v + Zu 0
I ran away from home when I was 18 and then became homeless immediately
Well I guess I was alive until now, so I write slowly

Episode concerning language acquisition - Yuisushibi journal

Children and the Internet - Reporters' eyes: ITpro

For example, the other day, I heard the following story at a drinking party. On a holiday, it seems that a boy of elementary school first grade was absorbed in the iPad in his living room. However, I was watching as if I could cover the iPad so that people could not see it somehow. When a father who thought suspicious picked up the iPad from a child who dislikes and saw the screen, the page of the adult site was displayed there. The search keyword was entered by the child himself. When I looked at the history of the browser, it seems that it was the first time to access such a site, but the child did not see it, and it would be troubled if it caught on a one-click fraud or the like. He told the child about it and took care.

【Copy】 I talk about when I was in the hospital: lobster flash report @ VIP (lob speed)

Six features of the poor, who must know to become rich, the base of the new speed VIP. · · · (No Д`) · ゜ ·.

· Pay money for luxury goods
·I do not study
· Vanity is strong
· Decision criteria are based on emotion
· I can not see things from a long-term perspective

Why are there no basic education such as philosophy and history in philosophy news nwk

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Hiroki Takagi @ Diary at home - whether the ID number is secret or his / her name / birth date is secret

In other words, you can create an account if you have PASMO's card number (IDi), name, date of birth, phone number (phone number may be unnecessary), you can view the PASMO ride and browse with that account To get away.

Thoroughly brought out by "Dolly Random": Agora - Livedoor blog

Rakuten spam refusal! Chrome extension "Rakuten Anti Mail Magazine" to automatically turn off mail magazine reception checkbox * Men's hack

Amazon, remove 5000 ebooks of Independent Publishers Group - full of e-book information! EBook USER

The Independent Publishers Group (IPG), negotiating with Amazon on behalf of hundreds of small and medium publishers, rejected Amazon's request, resulting in approximately 5000 books sold by IPG from the Kindle Store Had disappeared.

Factors influencing senior "difficulty to use" found at PC classroom | Mamion Limited Company

28.5% of middle and high school students experiencing illegal downloads ~ Oricon survey - INTERNET Watch

Summary A lot of craftsmen participate! Togetter Summary Summary Report

Sony that fell without fighting, is there a possibility of resurrection: Nikkei Business Online

Sony and Panasonic's huge loss account settlements become apparent, the non-fiction writer Tadanori Tateishi's new work "Goodbye!", A non-fiction writer who has been chasing Japanese electric machinery manufacturers since debut at "Myths Revenged Myth Mr. Konosuke Matsushita Showa History". Our Sony "(Bunshun Shimpo) is a hot topic. After the same publication, Sony's decision to retire as Howard Stringer, Chairman and President was decided. I heard about motivation of writing and future of Sony.

Ken Fujimoto's Solar Report: I tried using a solar power generator "anywhere power generation emergency disaster set" to wind it up - Home appliances Watch
I am experimenting whether the notebook computer will work or not.

Sixth "Commercial department manager says that customer voice is not gathered by social media" - Social media introduction by Ashiya Hirota ...: ITpro

Memo for iOS / Android / WP 7.5 battery endurance test

Memo I tried to see how much the battery consumption of the smartphone is really about the same condition. In conclusion, the battery durability of GalaxyNexus is amazing. Below test conditions and results are easy.

Cresca as well as utility fee and points all refreshing feeling when registering to household account book cloud "MoneyLook"! It is! | JMatsuzaki

Why MUJI can make money with social media? : Nikkei Business Online

In order to make leads to the store, we decided to exchange items with coupons only at the store. It can not be used on EC (e-commerce) site. Twenty-eight thousand people participated in Sogorok, of which 1,061 people visited the store in exchange for 10,000 people who got coupons.

I can only believe that I am asleep, "The benefit of social media" theory | More Access, More Fun!

96% of fans never return to liked pages
2 The average number of visits per day on the Facebook page is said to be 0.7% of the total number of fans, and the number of unique visits is 0.4% of the total number of fans.
There is data such as. If this is correct (probably not so wrongly feeling)
The number of fans on MUJI 's Facebook page is 453 3369 (as of today) so the average number of visits per day is 3173 people. Of these, only 1813 unique visits are made.
This site of MUJI is 7117 in Alexa. Even thinking from here, there should be access by several hundreds of thousands of unique users a day, and the number of accesses on Facebook page is only about error. But you can declare that you are making money with social media ??

Windows Phone shipments in the fourth quarter are 2.7 million units Top is 900,000 Nokia - ITmedia news

Shipments of Windows Phone as a whole in the quarter were 2.7 million units. Although Apple's quarterly unit sales of 37 million units are extremely small, it is steadily growing at 36% compared to the previous quarter.

Why is it difficult and time consuming to update Android smartphone to 'Android 4.0'? - Nendoroid bulletin

Please read the message on the link structure of Wikipedia from the & amp; voice actor statistic member y_benjo who camped on development - feces net bench

Technologies over 50 years ago save the workplace - WBS changes project and you: ITpro

In this way, before considering anything else, people think about some form of work planning. WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) "which is the theme of this article is to demonstrate power by making such a plan.

System development capacity of India is 30 times that of Japan? This difference that can be seen in the financial system

While talking, it was said how expensive the Japanese system is.
They started talking about the system of the patent office which threw a budget of 5.5 billion yen but was not completed. It was a system for quickly applying for patent applications and registrations, which was attracting attention in that it became a weapon of patent competition with China.
The development period is over 5 years and the cost is huge. The management of the project was shared by multiple system development companies. At the company in charge of design initially started with 60 designers, at the end it has increased to twelve times as much as 1200 people.
Four Indians say "I have never heard of a system designed by 1200 people." "It is enough for 40 people to collect excellent Indian engineers, and in all processes Japanese system development is 30 times more wasteful work".

Google's code was also at the university level at the beginning - Ikoma diary

The wonderful people in university are amazing, I think that there is a person who writes the barbari code in the professor class, in that the American university is clearly superior to the Japanese university in the information system. As for me, I have the ability of programming so much, I understand that it is "university code", it stands standing to show that the direction is correct as a concept, but I can not write even "college code" I think that it will be hard to keep working even if it feels like (probably it is a researcher's life for a while in my life for a fun time to come only once, my life is coincidental and I write in continuous hints It is that).

Is the enemy 's enemy a friend? Internet company's supremacy conflict and dangerous equilibrium - YAMDAS current update history

In other words, Tim O'Reilly thought that the major players "are gradually cooperating" better than the world where "one ring" dominates all but the reality is that as a result of fighting for "one ring", each other There seems to be a very equilibrium that cooperates in places where they can cooperate. I am trying to bring DRM to HTML 5! And in the case of Google and Microsoft cooperating like the standardization of HTML5 compliant content encryption API which became the talk of last week in overseas news site.

Docomo with series MEDIAS ES N-05D | Products | NTT DoCoMo
Release on March 1

MOTOROLA RAZR (TM) IS 12 M | smartphone | au

Important Notice on DoPa Service Termination | docomo Business Online | NTT DoCoMo

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
"Smile PreCure! Peace (+ α) vs Saza Shaking Showdown, Following last week, Peace's victory this week! : Moe Ota news bulletin

Manga brain: a story that it is not only the bookstore alone that there are few champion comics at bookstores

"Majikon" Regulation Future - The Front Line of Countermeasures against Game Pirated Edition - Naotozawa Naoto | Column | Antique Street Law Firm For the Arts

The programmer saw "Madoka ☆ Magica" like this. "Homura was trying to change desmachi": Moe Ota news bulletin

Hakodate book main doujinshi sale [Merry GO! 】 Secretariat Now the crisis here

Yesterday, there was consultation from one high school student in Hakodate by e - mail.

"In the plan called Cosplay Cafe which is done at Evergreen,
I will also sell doujinshi so I want to stop it even if I do it.

Although I also protested to the person who made the project before,
He does not listen to us at all.
Is there a good plan? "

At the café called Evergreen,
This is the case where a one day limited cosplay cafe was held.

I also knew about it, and I took up it on a blog as well.

Writing a light novel writer as "teacher" or not asking if it is called - Togetter

The first 1 BOX · 8 pieces in the punch! "Nenpuchi THE IDOLM @ STER 2 stage 01"! | Worked for Figure Manufacturer · Good Smile Company "Mikatan Blog - Moving 10 Masses from Matsudo Station -"

TV Asahi | New World
Decided to television animation.

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
AKB 48 was CD sales, delivery No. 1 somewhat talked about the topic K-POP: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

About the assertion of "Japanese copyright of cookie" by the Japanese Shogi League - Shogi topics arbitrarily

"Quiz ☆ Talent Directory Directory" "Entertainer! Search Word Associative Quiz "Various Data · Complete Edition - Diary of That Day ~ MY MEMORIES

Pain new breaking! : 【International】 Dr. Hawking physicist Hoking, was a regular of sex act club ... US information site report

ASCII.jp: Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling Resale - Talking about the management of the butterfly, Yukes | Changing work and way of life, opinions of celebrities

- How did you hear the news that Yukes bought from Inoki, the majority of New Japan Pro-wrestling share major → the largest shareholder sold to the venture company card game company Bushiroad Group Publishing?

Butterfly: I thought it was honest. The fact that the story of selling and acquiring comes up means that the management situation is not good as parents and children.
Indeed, the rumor that the new Japanese wrestling's business condition is not good continues. But the opinion inside the industry was that opinion that it would not be a burden of the parent company Yukes. It is common know that Euques' judgment materials are quite severe as they can be seen by looking at stock prices.

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Refreshing Gold Kiwi Water" from "Refreshing" Series New Release on February 28 (Tue) | News Release | Company Information |

Limited holding at the Haagen Dazs shop nationwide from March 1 (Thursday), "Matcha Fair", the perfect match for spring, combining cherry blossoms and green tea milk cake for a limited time | Haagen-Dazs Häagen-Dazs

"Bayy Lees Parlors recipes The Lemonade" New release! | News Release 2012 | Company Information | Asahi Beverage

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