Headline news on 20th December 2011

Animation complex event that took place for 2 weeks from September to OctoberMachi ★ Asobi vol.7"ofLate night festival & report meetingIt will be held from 20 o'clock today. Tickets have already been sold out,Ustream's Matthiasi TV accountPlease see here if you can not get the tickets.

By the way, gore ★ Asobi has been held three times a year in January, May, October, but January 2012 Machi ★ Assobi has decided to take a break. In TokushimaEuphor table cinema openAccording to the person living in the city, construction seems to have begun, but it may be that there is a notice as to what kind of thing will be the next gore ★ Assobi.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

What is the impact education toy 'Kackel Dackel', which supports the fact that German children are also interested in unco? - GIGAZINE

Photographer who unified white from head to toe, chased the ecology of the field rabbit assimilating with snow - GIGAZINE

Brains of newborns are distinguishing between mother's voice and other female voices - GIGAZINE

◆ Today's lunch of GIGAZINE

Brown rice rice

Stir-fry (bacon, mustard, carrot, onion, fried vegetables)

Kimono (chrysanthemum, simmered soybeans, sesame)

Miso soup (Wakame, Onega, Shimeji, Carrots, Soup noodles, Miso)

Dessert (Persimmon)

◆ Story (memo · various others)
【Quick News】 Christmas Cancel: Quick Newsletter

Chaos Channel: Tell me the scaryness of the center exam

5 Name: Below, VIP will send you a nameless [] Post date: 2011/11/11 (Fri) 00: 25: 07.04 ID: ImoR + YE50

When I think that all is over, the number of the last problem is shifted

----- I made a mistake somewhere

----- 5 minutes to see the clock

AppStore's horrible review 4: iPhone chan
Too bad.

Summary of mandarin drawn with a face that hesitates to eat obsolete - Togetter

Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Funness of powerpoke official website is abnormal - livedoor blog

13: Here and below, VIP will send you a nameless: 2011/12/18 (Sunday) 22: 21: 41.40 ID: TQUSNtzNI
Q. Choro from Hyogo Prefecture Question of 13 to 15 years old
Does Powerpoke 12 come out? Is it?
It is okay if more people buy genuine products without playing with malicious devices!

Q. BBQ's 16-18 year old question in Aichi prefecture
I thought about talking with Mr. Tsutada, what do you think about magicone?
The product itself seems gray, but if you just use it and play with games you do not regularly purchase, people are in trouble. First of all, sales are definitely going down.
If sales fall, it will not go easy without reducing the number of people and production period, the quality of the game will fall rapidly.
If you just use such things, games will not be released any more. It's like eating at a restaurant. ... If so, Powerpoke is also over ...

VIPPER I: In the thought of the night bus
There are many memorable memories.

I was stuck at the student leader's room and stopped eating www | Radic

When laughing at Doraemon A A Sleeping Speed ​​- VIP

【Kim Jong Il died】 Succeeded by Mr. Kinta in successor ── Strong against Japan ___ bogusnews

Lego makes that homo AA person wwwww | Radic

VIPPER like me: Togashi "Hunter · test?"

American furious at Japanese Hinomaru · star · flag · toilet in Korea! : 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

It becomes uneasy adding "first time" to Gundam's famous line - Gundam bulletin

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Identify and cure! "Real Kaze" and "Disease resembling Case" - Trend - Nikkei Trendy Net

Why did the creature not have wheels in the process of evolution Conversation centered on Shunji Yamanaka - Togetter

"When you drink milk before drinking, it will make your stomach impossible to get drunk" ← Such a membrane can not be done www | Life Hack Channel 2

Kagaku no Jikan: Women can not put up with piss? Are they serious?

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Business Media Makoto: Nakada Hiroshi "How to kill a politician" (1): I dropped me to the bottom of a crime, what is a scandal (1/2)

【Emergency situation】 It is forbidden to "crowd with five or more people" in North Korea:

Koji Kohako and others "Self-catering" substitute agent: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Vietnam "Oh yeah w I built the border with China, the territory of the Chinese side was swept away by the river w" Something possessed preliminary bulletin 2 Channel summary blog

Requests a reconsideration that Leader A, who is a death sentence finalized by consecutive Lynch Murder, was deceased now. B "Me too" C "Me too"

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Website related to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology - tampering - society

All the items in the field to be selected on the search screen were said to have changed from "all ages of the People's Republic of China" and so on.

Four STEPs to enhance task management
Four-step way of thinking "donut hole" "GTD" "phased plan" "task shoot".

"English proficiency of Japanese" 58th among 59 countries

[Osaka] Osaka city, for fifty years I lent the land to the Korean school free of charge: a quick news report

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Reactor Nuclear Reactor Fire Building Ceiling Backside Ibaraki / Tokai Village - Society

To restrict animal experiments using chimpanzee, US international news: AFPBB News

Decided to adopt next-generation mainstream fighter, F35 42 introduction: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Brilliant Olympus, the whole picture of huge dressing, if sustaining listing Japan's stock market sufferings (1) | Corporate strategy | Toyo economy of investment · economy · business online

According to a survey by a third-party committee responsible for elucidating the situation, 17 funds and companies are used for covering losses and subsequent refunding, totaling 135 billion yen. The secret was shared with Toshiro Shimoyama, Masashi Kishimoto, Tsuyoshi Kikukawa with the presidents of three generations, and it was on the verge of being completely buried in darkness. In the background, there was a speculation of each person who entered each other, became self-tied.

"Shadow" in the shadow "Gaki" ... If you do not pretend to cry: accompany: International: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Representative Park Sang-hak of Korea's North Korean Defense Association "Freedom of the North Korea Movement Coalition" revealed that he talked to the Yomiuri Shimbun on the 19th with the residents of Northern and Edo provinces on the 19th. "The rumor about the death of General Secretary was spreading around 10 am on the 19th, the public execution and starvation went worse in Kim Jong Il's era, I think that I finally got dead The people who are saddened by state television are reflected, but most are acting, "he said. The residents also revealed that Kim Jong-en is called "gaki" in the shade.

According to other Korean defectors group officials, a 30-year-old street vendor living in the border area said, "(It was awful) was terrible, but I sold food for about an hour in the afternoon on the 19th. So at least (at least) do not pretend to cry, it will be carried away, so everyone is crying, but some people are not crying really, "he said on a mobile phone. The official said, "When Kim Il Sung, the founder's father died, they all sat down on the ground and seemed to have caused changes that had not been thought before in the hearts of the common people." speak.

TEPCO adds 8.5% annual interest payment savings etc. to electricity charges: Hamster bulletin

【2ch】 New speed quality: 【Breaking News】 Next Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Do not add costs related to power generation to electricity charges" TEPCO "rice, variously added ww"

Georgy summary blog: 【Golf】 "The golf world has lost a great person" 11 holes in one at the first golf, Kim Jong Il's death to twitter losing voice many - Livedoor blog

In the well-known Korean style Yarase site, "a scam! And the possibility of disposal by angry police also: watch @ 2 channel

【2ch】 New Speed ​​Quality: Minoru Hosono Magnificent "To make Fukushima the prefecture with the least cancer incidence in Japan"

"Story of a contempt for translators if commenting" Ahoka "as a translation article?" - Togetter

Junior union association is the risk of new interest group (suspended man) - BLOGOS (blogos)

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Good project Bad plan | AdverTimes (Adai)

While repeating such experiences gradually, the plan gradually came to think that it should not be judged by the contents but should be judged on the result that will result. It is commonplace to think now, but I did not notice this easily in the beginning.

Waranote: Take a picture by taking a mirror under your cat! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is! It is!

What is different between the African village of Guangzhou and Ikebukuro Kitaguch who does not follow the village when entering the village

POLAR BEAR BLOG: Actually 3M is a lot of waste.

Then, how to unearth buried charm, charm that you do not even notice? Although it is said that if you do not understand yourself, activating communication with the outside will be a direction because it is only necessary to ask others. I think that the element was included in this event as well. Although it was a special person called a blogger that was gathered, the gap between the part that the employee thinks should be "interesting" and the part where the participants actually feel "funny" was clearly emerging.

University Press Center - The problem of university publicity is "No news gathers in public relations department"

According to a questionnaire survey concerning university publicity conducted by the University Press Center recently, the most frequent trouble with spokespeople was "No news gathered in the public relations department".
In addition, the introduction status of SNS to the public relations news has become clear.

A story of three years of experience who I can not cease for several years as a result of drunk driving: a quick news report

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Geek's page: Possibility of social media to decline sharply

You can instruct the ISP to block access to sites containing copyright infringing content (ISP will block communication due to DNS blocking etc)
Stop offering funds for copyright infringing contents (You will be able to issue orders to suspend transactions with sites including copyright infringing content for Ad networks such as Google, PayPal, Visa, etc.)
You will be able to order removal of sites containing copyright infringing content from search engine search results
For not only copyright infringing content hosting but also links to copyright infringing content

10 reasons for Men's and Information-based men to abandon Wiki and use Sphinx | ​​OKEREKE-RL

Hatena Junya - Entrepreneur interview ReLife (relife)

Infrastructure Engineer Sugoroku - Server Personification User Group

Hiroyuki "Child is free to use the net freely" | Nikoniko News

"Even if you use it, even if your child understands the disadvantage, parents should understand the risk of becoming a child 's lifetime obstacle when something happens, should you give permission for the first time. So, I do not think children are free to use the net, but in general it is not right "

Do not lick innovation, innovation has begun - MIT Neit University

This tells "you" who is reading this blog somewhere trying to enter something like Innovation Laboratory. I tell you "delusions" of 100% purity with no basis for you. That's why I want you to listen. It is definitely 100% pure. I guarantee it.

I think like this. Probably already that innovation has already been unexpectedly founded by university innovation laboratory faculty members and so on. They were exorcised from a village patriarchal structure of Japanese companies, even spoiled, yet they did not abandon their hopes and encounter with SNS in tension and excitement, in tension and excitement, in association with freedom and freedom Skype We are planning a plan under the water in a way to meet. Projects that individuals and individuals are free to join, such as Volvox joining as crowd organisms should be moving in hundreds and thousands of units under the water. Beyond domestic and international geographic constraints they will be connected freely. And most of the projects will fail and disappear, but some of them will certainly cause a paradigm shift that would greatly change the mechanism of the times.

I think, the most important thing for innovation is suppression and free space. The maintenance of existing values ​​reaches the limit, and no one can present new value. However, it continues to be forced to existing value. In such suppressed state of the limit, a place where people with doubts about value freely meet and communicate is important. SNS must be the place now.

Ubuntu's new version further improves operability, 32-bit AP works with 64-bit version - Linux report: ITpro

Go to the table of contents, finally publish! - Spirituality

I would like to release the table of contents of the electronic book "Negi Poyo" scheduled to be released at Comiket.

I made a "Social Computer" that is not a free bit, a PC or a smartphone - INTERNET Watch

Talent and Organization in the Cloud Era: Nikkei Business Online

In the cloud era, the ability required for IT human resources also changes. Specifically, it is a human resource image as follows.

Wake not able to update blog and its solution - iPhone, book, math and why

"Kevin Kelly copyright selection" Meaning of e-book conversion «Magazine navigation [k ??]

Exploring the backside of new social reading, Nikoniko Still (e-book) - Social media · trend · · ·: ITpro

"I am spinning while talking about jumping or something in the clubroom in my school days, lending it after reading and talking about my impressions, I wonder if Nikoniko can realize such an image."

I went to Dwango's development training! - tulog

Today, I have interfered with Dwango's development training + Hackathon!
It seems to be a training that engineers who do not have existence come together once a year, and it was overwhelmed as "This is all an engineer!"?

The fastest nondestructive self-catering camera for iOS "JUCIE" e-book self-catering new era opens! | Alone enjoys

It is noteworthy that you are using EvernoteBridge for Evernote collaboration. In other words, you can import to Evernote even in an offline environment.
Nondestructive self-catering completed in 20 seconds!

A memorable nondestructive self-catering first issue was like this.

LINE Service Restoration Information and Partial Account Initialization | NAVER Official Blog - NAVERLAND

Because of this server failure, accounts are automatically initialized only for some users who have registered between June 23rd and June 25th, 2011 at the beginning of the LINE service. Even if you try rebooting the application, if the message "Used by another terminal" is displayed, please delete the LINE application once to use again, register the account after reinstalling Thank you.

Why I ceased to see my life log at Evernote ... And | No Second Life
Since Evernote can not look back on life logs in chronological order fun and beautifully, the circumstances and ways of introducing "Momento" are written, and the continuation is pleasure.

Things I would like to know for IE automatic update - NAVER Summary

Fujitsu Sells "Software for Analyzing and Predicting Critical Malfunctions of Our Products in advance" | Slashdot Japan

Photos when 76% of Facebook pictures are drunk with alcohol - UK - CNET Japan

Mozilla Vision 2012 - 2 days to experience "What is open?"
It will be held on Saturday 21st January 2012 and Sunday 22nd Sunday 2012.

Apple TV: The Jazz left behind «maclalala 2

IPhone 4S au Wi-Fi SPOT start campaign | iPhone | au by KDDI

For au purchasers of au's iPhone 4S, anyone can use au Wi-Fi SPOT for free from purchase until the end of November 2013.
By using Wi-Fi, iPhone 4S can be used more comfortably.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
"Breast swaying" in the game Who gets this ...? : 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

Seiyu fan: 【Sexy Shot Loaded】 Voice Actor Shizuno Ito boldly shows her bathing side milk with Anipapura

Hiragari mirin 's tumblr. - A famous person in the military OTA cluster seems to have appreciated KEIO. It seems that the points to see are completely different from us ...

【Jump】 This week's "Bakuman." Deployment Warota www

Mechanical designer meets 3DCG? 1st: Yanase Noriyuki | FEATURE | CGWORLD.jp

The most representative work in recent years is "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" series. Following the TV series that lasted two seasons with popularity, in the year before last year, it is a popular work published "Movie version Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - A wakening of the Trailblazer -" (hereinafter theatrical version of Gundam 00), Mr. Yanase Using Autodesk 3ds Max for modeling various types of Gundam and other mechanical designs, modeling the base form was able to improve work efficiency when thinking about art setting and transformation mechanism. Mr. Yanase like that he liked drawing pictures since he was a child and he was willing to be a manga artist.

Wise9 - PS VITA's "Everyone with Together" opens a new door to the game!

I found an animated magazine 20 years ago from closet: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

144: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Alabama): December 19 (Monday) 20: 41: 0 7.36 ID: ouhsObIq 0
· Mourn the island edition
· Nadia clothing change forward
· Mourn the postponement of the war on Iraq
· Mr. Fate who always cries for re-broadcasting sister
· Theater version black history
· Impregnate Sanson JC overnight
· After descendants of Nadia made a classroom by drama CD, broken heart is called destruction and creation
Anno was already breaking
· Drama CD and Eva PSP version has a history connection
· Multi-ending PS2 version is God

WEB Anime style | Animation Memories [Yoko Gomi] Why is that 122 film? The location of the Sugimoto collection

The following is the result of investigating the matter suspiciously on the matter. Although it is already prescription it contains serious facts so write it anonymously. About the contents we got a testimony from a person involved in the event, and from a third party.
Mr. Sugimoto owned film collection (hereinafter referred to as the Sugimoto collection) was managed by Mr. Keiko Kaneko after assistant Sugimoto's death.
Kaneko died alone, and the Sugimoto collection without heirs was left behind.
Heritage was to be taken over by the national treasury, but cash and deposit passbooks were not found in the room, and the Tokyo District Court Hachioji Branch consulted the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Film Center for the film.
A number of people who have no blood relationship with regard to the inheritance of the film appealed, but both were rejected.
During the dispute of inheritance, a person in charge of the film center and a lawyer went to Fukuwa's Mr. Sugimoto's house, there was evidence that the seal was moved, part of the place where the film was placed is blank .
At a later date, the center staff carried the film. When we brought in the film we brought back, the film centering on animation, news video, recorded movie had disappeared. (Note: Mr. Sugimoto and Ms. Sugimoto have friendship and we know a lot about some films.)
Mr. Sugimoto's residents around the house witnessed young men aboard the car ahead of transporting the cars carrying away a lot of baggage and taking them away.
A series of acts are criminal penalties for criminal law and crimes against theft, but they were inquired into judgment by a lawyer.

Nishio Ishinaga "Story" series will be released in 2012 for the final season "Possession Language" "End Story" "Continuation Finished Story"! : Moe Ota news bulletin

PlayStation Vita's first week sales volume is about 321 thousand units - Famitsu.com

A happy future is created by "Game" [Author] Jane McGonigall - Hiroshi Yamagata (Reviewer, Translator) - Book Review - Book Review - Reading Column - BOOK asahi.com: Asahi Shimbun's book review site

Games are often criticized as escaping reality. However, compared with the reality that rewards of good deeds and efforts are not clear, good deeds in the gaming world will soon see the result. It's fun if it's tedious to work on trivial work, study and collaboration. Therefore, this book asserts that the game will not be hostile to the enemy, and it will be useful for reality improvement.

【Thai Bani】 Prince Animage's cover only looks like a kara www | Otaku.com

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Tom Cruise's daughter Sri-chan style too much Warota: 【2ch】 Copy-Petit Information Office

"Squid's skies are next to idols and nursing care." Kabukirokkusu and Mikami First is developing new grounds - daily Saizo

Giant Suginou, skip headquarters headquarters to souvenir «Softbank Hawks« Nikkan Yaki Quick News

What J (collectively) is it? : Please give me a baseball image feels the story

【2ch】 New speed quality: [Kayo Sato] model Kiyo Sato's constriction is too beautiful 2 dimensional level matter

Robert Downey Jr. makes Sherlock Holmes experts angry - Movie Walker

Youth 's "Tora san" departed seriously: Tsundaowata information

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Bite fruit · vinegar gum" appeared by joint development with "Uchibori brewing"! "Vinegared clear fruit blueberry & cassis" "Vinegared clear fruit grapefruits & lemon" new release | Corporate information | Meiji Corporation
Release on January 3, 2012

Tokyo Sky Tree (R) label "16 tea · vanadium natural water at Mt. Fuji" | News Release 2011 | Company Information | Asahi Beverage
Release on February 14, 2012

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