Windows 8 tablet "ICONIA W5" series which displays and keyboard are separated New appearance

A type separating from Acer as the latest tablet loaded with Windows 8ICONIA W 510 D / W 510"Then, with the cradle which also becomes the stand"ICONIA W700D / W700The series was announced.

About the Windows 8 tablet.


This is the main two types and a total of 4 models

"W 510 D" which can be driven for 18 hours if giving priority to long hours, "W 510" of 580 g in case of light weight priority, "W 700" in the case of high image quality priority, "W 700 D" if it is anything powerful.

Explanation of easy operation of touch AcerRing

Road map material for consumer tablet PC

Firstly from "ICONIA W5" series "W510" "W510D".

When you go out you can use 580 g tablet, at home you can use 1.26 kg laptop, and so on.

With a large capacity battery, you can drive up to 18 hours when dock is attached, 9 hours by itself. The screen is 10.1 inch IPS touch liquid crystal, the thinness is 8.8 mm. As specifications, the CPU is Atom Z2760 (1.5 GHz), the memory is 2 GB, the built-in storage is 64 GB SSD, the sound is Dolby Home Thater v 48 million pixel back camera with 2 million pixel front camera, the wireless LAN is IEEE 802.11 / A / b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 + HS, USB 2.0 port, MicroHDMI port, MicroSD card reader built in.

Next is "ICONIA W7" series "W700" and "W700D"

In the office it is like a laptop PC, a tablet when going out, and a relaxation with vertical type browsing.

Specifications are 11.6 inches full HD (1920 x 1080), 4850 mAh battery up to 9 hours driving, aluminum shaving body, CPU dock only Corei 3 1.80 GHz, with dock & keyboard Corei 5 1.70 GHz, memory 4 GB, graphics Is Intel HD Graphics 4000 w / 128 MB system memory, sound is Dolby Home Thater v 4, internal storage is 64 GB SSD, IEEE 802.11 / a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 + HS, USB 3.0 port, MicroHDMI port I will.

The product image of "ICONIA W510" looks something like this.

Also, the product image of "ICONIA W700", another new product, looks like this.

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