Adopted special special paint strong to the dirt, ring strap for fall prevention attached "MEDIAS U N-02E" actual photo review

In addition to the anti-fingerprint specification body with anti-fingerprint coding with fingerprints hard to apply, the toughness specification smartphone with five countermeasures against scratches and dirt, such as shock drop, waterproof, dustproof, and scratch resistant,MEDIAS U N-02E"is.

Main Features of 2012 Winter Model: MEDIAS U N-02E | Products | NTT DoCoMo

Exhibition booth

It has a display of 4 inches (480 x 800 dots), the main body size is 124 x height x 64 x thickness 11.9 mm, the nominal weight is about 147 g

Includes a fall prevention strap used to hook on your fingers

With an adult male's hand it is about this size


The camera has 8.1 million pixels

Home button is dome type and it is a little exciting


Upper part


When you open the back cover it looks like this

Simple software keyboard

This will be displayed when GIGAZINE is displayed


I tried launching the camera

Color variations are two colors, White and Black

The CPU is 1.5 GHz dual core (MSM 8960), OS is equipped with Android 4.0. With Osaifu-Keitai, One-Seg, Infrared support, you can preview installed applications such as "Twitter TV" which allows you to view Twitter's timeline at the same time while watching TV programs on One Seg. The release schedule is December 2012.

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