I ate a plow house "Pig Kabayaki-don" that has a presence of meat enough to say "dekai" in spite

Steamed cooked with pork with gray hair and grilled pepper "Pig chick accompanimentWas released from the house. Steamed pork carefully steamed, dropped extra fat, baked spicy sweet sake with sweet sauce. In order to finish it more softly, the pork seems to be soft grilled with plenty enough to be cut with an eagle by doing the pretreatment (knocking the meat and breaking the strands and fibers), so I actually want to go eat I decided to decide.

"Pork Kabayaki-don" new release of plenty of soft grilled Kamagamiya house softer it can be cut with chopsticks!

Arrived Sukiya.

"The Monday of the Midsummer Day in the fall" is October 31 (Wednesday), it is said that it is a menu tailored to it. "I wonder if there was an October Ox Day in the autumn ... Why is it a pig cookie ... Why is it a pig grilled bar ...?", It is worrisome, but to the size of the meat that spreads to a full glass of equipment in the menu A little feeling is attracted.

"Pork Kabayaki Don (aka) (tax included 630 yen)" appeared at the explosive speed of about 1 minute after ordering.

I can not go as far as the photo, but the size of the meat is still adequate.

It is a pork which can feel not only the appearance size but also the weight feeling, there is a response which made it a pleasure when bringing it with an eagle.

White tofu with gray hair and grilled pepper.

Spicy sweet sauce for seasoning.

I tried to cut the meat with an eagle and it got caught in the streaks and the fiber part, but I could not cut it easily.

Inside you can see the meat with fat and appetite will be intrigued by the seeped-out grease.

Okay, we will. Although I want a little smell like sauce of eel like a grilled eel, the taste is a good salt plum that the taste is not too strong, and the umami of the meat is firmly felt.

Spare and thick, the volume is enough. I feel the stiffness of the muscles and fibers is not a feeling that it is soft, but you can taste the flavor of the meat not just fat burned fat.

After the meat disappeared in the beef bowl, it was standard to store rice with the flavor of the sauce, but "Pig Kabayaki Don" has a volume in the meat so the amount of rice is somewhat missing in the same size felt. So, when you are hungry, a rice crispy (660 yen including tax) is recommended.

The price of 600 yen is equal to one set meal, so it is a bit of a problem to compare with it, but the umami of pork is felt and the volume is enough, so if you feel the appeal of big meat it is an ant as a choice.

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