Medical robot "RP-VITA" photo report that can be consulted via net created by Rumba's iRobot company

Medical robots that are likely to appear in such sci-fi movies that patients and doctors can see from anywhere in the world no matter where they are in the world are "RP-VITA"is. This product was developed to manufacture house robot vacuum cleaner "Rumba"IRobotIn the company announced on 11th September 2012, since the real machine which reached the completion degree of the level which can actually demonstrate the examination appeared, I photographed the figure to every corner.

Choline Angle CEO walking side by side with "RP-VITA (left)".

By eye measurement the height of the robot is seen as about 170 cm.

The image on the lower right of the slide below is the image of "RP-VITA" supplemented by the sensor. As you can recognize that people are crouching like this, you will not crash into people or obstacles at your feet because no one is at the height of the human eye.

Also, if you install the map of the deployed building, you can make it run by merely instructing "Go to the Smith patient in Room 3".

The basic form is a cylindrical shape, but there is a display at the height corresponding to the human head, and it is a figure that does not give an intimidating feeling that it is a form of a shoulder as it is a little.

In the demonstration during the presentation, the robot showed how the robot mediates between the patient role doll and the doctor role Angle CEO at the company 's laboratory in Santa Barbara, California, California.

The terminal used by the doctor is the iPad, and the screen looks like the photo on the left. In addition, this iPad, robots, facilities in the hospital are all connected via the Internet.

When you tap the name of the patient, the robot heads towards the person while avoiding obstacles.

Arrived in front of a dummy doll lying on the bed.

Ecardiogram etc can be checked on the screen.

Head scanned data.

If you zoom in, the doctor can see detailed images so that the number of eyelashes can be counted.

When looking at near, it looks like this.

InTouch HealthIt is a joint development with the company.

The camera in the head is like this.

Looking at the display which corresponds to the "head" of the robot from the side, it is like this.

The lower sensor.

I seem to be driving on a tire or caterpillar, but the bottom could not be shown.

The display for performing the operation is as follows.



As far as the demonstration is concerned, there is not much frame delay of the video and delay of audio, so the resolution of the camera was high, so it seems that it is possible to distinguish the state and expression of the patient's wound from a remote place. So, even if the hospital side environment is adjusted, it is at a level that it is likely to introduce immediately for easy examination etc,TelepresenceI was impressed that maybe the day when medical services utilizing this technology spread is not so far. The price and release date of this robot is undecided.

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