Why does a 6 - year - old girl want to become sexy?

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In FranceA 10 year old beautiful girl model is too sexyIt became a topic,Teenage students sending sexual photos using cell phonesThere are a variety of problems with premature girls, but by research aimed at elementary school children in the Midwest United States, many of the six-year old girls have already begun to think of themselves as sexual subjects I understood that there was.

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In the past research it was obvious that women and teenagers objected themselves as sexual but according to new research it is the first time women regard themselves as sexual subjects when they are young girls That is to say. This was announced in Sex Roles magazine, but at the same time the necessary elements for girls to not objectify themselves are also clarified.

Psychologists at Knox who did this study used a paper doll to measure whether girls aged from 6 to 9 age themselves as sex. The 60 girls showed two dolls, tight, exposed sexy dresses and dolls that are fashionable but dressed in less relaxed clothes, and they are shown to themselves I asked you to select one doll along with four questions "What I want to see," "Popular at school" "Doll of wanting to play". As a result, the one most chosen was the sexy one. This result is important in the two categories, one of which 68% of girls want to be like sexy dolls, the other 72% girls are more popular with sexy dolls It is to say.

Researcher Christy Starr said that "The girls pick a sexy doll has the potential that sexiness is the cutting edge of trends, as it has social advantage I will explain. Also, other studies have found that sexiness is popular only among girls, not among boys. Although wanting to become a popular person is not a desire limited to women, the pressure that it must be sexy to become a popular person is only for women.

Mr. Starr and Gail Ferguson, an adviser and coauthor, found a factor influencing the reaction of the girls. Many girls were recruited from public schools, but in a small town they were recruited from a local dance studio. The girls recruited from the dance studio tended to choose less sexy, less sexy dolls than the public school girls in four questions. Sports, including dancing, is linked to giving girls and women acknowledgment of the value of the body, giving a more specific image of the body. "Dance gives girls respect to the body and gives a consciousness that their bodies are used for purpose rather than sexy looking on others and can reduce targeting of sex to themselves" However, in past studies warning that girls tackling aesthetic sports such as dance may place more emphasis on themselves than others.)


Not only does media consumption consume girls to choose sexy dolls, but among researching girls who often watch TV and movies, worried about their clothes and appearance many times a day, I also saw the trend that sexy dolls are more popular as they are mothers with mothers who tend to target themselves to sex.

The authors show that media and mothers tend the girls to tend to target sexuality. While mothers and media have strong influence in this way girls with mothers who used television and movies as "bad examples" did not say that they seemed like sexy dolls. "The power of mothers' education while watching the media is" Why does the proportion of choosing a sexual doll for a girl as popular as watching TV and movies each time wears down by 7%? " It seems to explain that mothers teaching to television is an important element for protecting girls from targeting sexuality and it is possible to use it as education even if you see a lot of media, " Starr.


In addition, the religious beliefs of mothers also appear as important elements in how girls see themselves. Even girls who watch a lot of television will have a religious mother, mothers will respect their own bodies and act humbly to relieve the images depicted in television and movies, The author wrote that it is probably being protected.

However, a girl with a religious mother who does not look much on television and other media has a high tendency to want himself to look like a sexy doll. "This pattern represents" forbidden fruit ", a girl that was overly protected from media pathology by extremely godly parents is idealizing what is forbidden." Another possibility is that a girl's mother who had a sexy attitude and behavior restricted the amount of TV and movie it sees against it, but in any case it is a girl who reduces media consumption It is said that it can not be said that it is a silver bullet for targeting sex of men.

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"The Lolita Effect"Or"So Sexy So Soon"The book says concerns that girls who are not going to be old are being targeted for sex and Starr says his research will be empirical evidence for such trends . American Psychological Association (APA) Sounded a warning about the targeting of girls' sexuality in the 2007 report that the results of objecting themselves or subjecting them to sexuality are mainly seen in women around college students, Its shape isTranquilizabilityAnd decreasing the use of condoms from eating disorders, and there are few women who have careers in math and science roads. Starr 's are expecting that they were having similar girlhood days and beginnings of teenagers.

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APA's report, inspired by new research, refers broadly to the subject of women's sexuality in popular culture. "According to a later study, women are depicted sexually and are more objective than men, and these are models of femininity that girls imitate and learn," the author of APA writing. As an example,Christina AguileraAdvertisements that are licking candies in the form of high school girls who disconnected their chest buttons, wearing sexy costumes such as mini skirts and netting tightsBratzMade for dolls, children aged 7 to 10T backSuch as underwear and lingerie fashion shows made for girls, television shows that show TV shows. And parents and teachers are also quoted as influencing girls.


Recent research has pointed out the media and mothers' self-objectization, and as parents can do a lot to protect girls from sexual targeting culture, they can be a professor of psychology at the University of California, APA Eileen Zurbriggen, Chairman of the Special Measures Headquarters, says religious beliefs and education have the effect of alleviating them.

Starr also agrees with this and said, "My mother feels that my daughter is overwhelmed by the message of targeting sexuality received from the media and I can not help my daughter to myself." doing. "Mothers are the key persons as to whether girls themselves are sexual targets.Mothers are not to show them sexual targeting or objectification, but by teaching the value of things, gender We can show the way to girls in the world where targeting is done and can help. "

Even though my daughter imitates his mother, Starr is studying the influence of his mother, but at the same time his father also believes that he plays a big role as to how the girl sees himself. Furthermore, because the influence of fathers and media influences the way boys understand the message of targeting of sex and how to see women, girls' self-objectization and targeting sex It is said that further research is necessary for the question of the problem.

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