10 ways to prevent troubles such as delay, lost, stolen, etc. arising in baggage when you board an airplane

"Baggage trouble" occurs when a situation such as a suitcase is lacking, a bag is broken, etc. on board an airplane. Although various accidents such as delay, breakage, loss, theft, taking mistake, etc. are occurring all over the world every day,trip advisorIt is summarized in an easy-to-understand figure so let's see the details.

Baggage Trouble Trends and Countermeasures You can see a journey through the world with info graphics

◆ How does a baggage problem occur?

Airline company and travel agency industry groupSITAAccording to the data summarized, the number of passengers in the world in the world was 2.87 billion in 2011. Also, the number of troubles that caused trouble in the same year was 25.8 million, resulting in the result that there was some trouble with the baggage at the rate of 8.99 per 1000 for 1,000 people.

So, what kind of trouble actually occurred? The breakdown is as follows. 85.6% is "delayed", "damage / damage" is 11.9%, "lost / stolen" is 2.5%.

The cause of "delay" which was overwhelmingly occurred was 53% of mistakes in handling at the time of connecting. Others say "loading failure" is 15%, "ticketing error, incorrect receipt, reason for security, etc." continues with 13%.

◆ 10 Ways to Prevent Baggage Trouble

The way to reduce the risk of late arrival or lost arrival of luggage considered based on the above data is as follows.

01:For checked baggage, be sure to tag the identity and contact information

02:Remove old baggage claim tag

03:Before you deposit, mark your bag

04:Put valuables and medicines in baggage

05:Keep an itinerary in the bag where the place of stay and hotel name are written

06:Strictly adhere to the deadline for check-in & baggage check-in

07:With the margin for the boarding time of the plane

08:I can not check bags of luxury brands

09:Locking of checked baggage obey instructions of airline company

Ten:When boarding, check if you need to re-check your baggage

In addition, it is easy to open the backpack etc. with a padlock on the zipper, so as a measure against theftPacksafeIt is also effective to use such as. In addition, it is possible to think of a method of taking all the packages compactly into the cabin, bringing in a direct flight without choosing a route that has a connection in the first place.

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