A movie that recorded how the fierce fight using the lightsaber occurred in the middle of Times Square


America began suddenly at the downtown Times Square in New York's midtown, a movie that recorded intense battles by lightsaber was "Time Square Crutch Fight - Lightsabers Edition"is.

Time Square Crutch Fight - Lightsabers Edition - YouTube

Men who seem to be doing something. It is a disturbing atmosphere.

And the black man in the back took out the lightsaber.

Surroundings surrounding.

A plain white man who was in frustration will also step back one step.

A white man takes food just to stop, but ....

Black man maddened, light saver.

I will swing down with Ojar.

I will not take a step back.

I think whether white men showed a strange movement ......

I lifted the guardrail and fought a battle.

And ...

Battle of the lightsaba VS guardrail. Sparks are scattering.

I threw Gashan and the guardrail.

White men retreat once.

Black men chase after.

It seems to be trying to persuade.

However, it does not seem to respond.

And, somehow a mysterious aunt standing in the middle of the spot staring at the way of the fight.

A black man who ran after running white men running away.

And the aunt ......

I will try to catch it.

However, Assassi was shaken off.

And ...

I will sprinkle the lightsaber again.

A white man who smelled a slash attack. Is it safe?

It seems that she managed to prevent it.

And a white man also took out the lightsaber.

A fierce battle begins.

The black men's early momentum has disappeared, and white men have pushed them unilaterally.

Just a black man who had just prevented attacks seems to have dropped the lightsaber onto the ground.

It is opposite again ...

I will check each other.

Both of them stopped staying once.

I will try to solve with the discussion.

It was impossible.

And, the movie suddenly ends here. So with the lightsaber that began with Times Square, the battle ended with a mystery encompassing everything such as the way the battle broke in and the trend of aunt who broke in the middle, the cause of the first battle, and so on.

In addition, this movie took a fierce fight at Times SquareTime Square Crutch FightWhat edited. This is becoming a fierce fight without using the lightsaber.

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