A mysterious single fight movie where a goose attacks a man with a lightsaber

It is strange that a person with a lightsaber is wandering around the area in the first place, but it is unexpectedly a movie that the goose will challenge the battle boldly towards such a man. Actually this geese is also a lightsaber holder. Perhaps there was a shallow relationship between one and one.

Man Fights Goose, With Lightsaber - YouTube

A man on the way to work, a light saver without a pencil in his hands.

Goose stands at the moment of such a man

Men try to get over goose, but for some reason geese approach men.

And the battle began.

Against the man, the geese also pulled out the lightsaber.

Bun ...

The photographer burst into laughter why it will be such a fierce battle.


A goat 's lightsaber was splashed off by a man' s blow

A man trying to walk away walking through it

However, geese will battle attacks boldly even without a lightsaber.

A woman like a colleague came to pick me up.

I ended passing a goose lightsaber to a woman ......

A goose that will attack the man at the end.

Why are you so obsessed ... ....

By the way, the original is here. The man has not a lightsaber but a folded newspaper.

Man vs. Canada Goose (ORIGINAL) - YouTube

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