"Dispatch" which bundles multiple wireless LAN · 3G / 4G networks and connects to the Internet at the explosion speed

When going to a cafe, airport, etc., multiple SSIDs may be displayed as available wireless LAN access points, but in order to actually connect and perform data communication, usually only one access point is selected to establish a connection I have to do. However, if you use software called "Connectify Dispatch" which is currently under development, you can establish access to all Internet connection methods, not only wireless LAN but also 3G / 4G mobile router and LAN cable, send and receive data at once And it will be possible to increase the communication speed.

Dispatch: The Internet, Faster. By Connectify - Kickstarter

This project is undertaken by free software that converts PC to wireless LAN routerConnectify LiteConnectify company which distributes such as ".

The explanation of project by Alex of Connectify is as follows.

A functional explanation will be made with his talk starting with "Hey!" And a norinori talk and hand-drawn illustrations.

The function of "Connectify Dispatch" is to bundle available Internet connections and improve communication speed and stability.

For example, it is possible to use the cafe's wireless LAN and the 4G mobile router on hand at the same time to send and receive data at higher speed.

You will be able to do more surfing, streaming movie interference, file downloading and more.

Please actually check the CNN website and check the movie comparing the speed of using one access point and the speed of using two access points as follows.

Use Connectify Dispatch to Speed ​​up Everyday Web Browsing - YouTube

Any method of connecting to the Internet, such as LAN cable, 3G / 4G mobile router, wireless LAN, tethering of smartphone, etc. OK.

Seven USB Connections You can connect to WiFi card and 4G network Tethering with smartphone, 3G modem with USB connection, Connecty Dispatch at the same time using "Connectify Dispatch" at the same time Connecting to the net stably at 85 Mbps speed You can see it in the movie.

Use Ten Internet Connections at Once with Connectify Dispatch! - YouTube

If you connect to one WiFi access point and connect it to multiple access points using "Connectify Dispatch" even if you can only get the average speed of 1.1 Mbps, the speed is about 3.8 Mbps.

Download Steam Games Twice as Fast with Connectify Dispatch! - YouTube

The selling point of this software is that it incorporates complex technologies like rocket science into levels that everyone can use.

It is software that performs complex networking, but it is easy to use.

Moreover, it can contribute not only to communication speed but also stability improvement by using multiple networks.

Even if one connection is interrupted while downloading the game, you can see that the specification is such that the connection speed is low, although the speed drops, the following movie.

Connectify Dispatch Makes GameFly Downloads Twice as Fast and Twice as Reliable - YouTube

Even if, for example, a 4 G mobile router costs money with a pay-as-you-go system ...

You can lower the communication fee of the mobile router by giving priority to free WiFi connected at the same time.

In other words, "Connectify Dispatch" solves the problem of speed, stability and cost in Internet connection.

Although the core technology is established, ...

More financial assistance is necessary to lead the project to the goal.

If this project succeeds it will connect the PC which installed "Connectify Dispatch" and the company's software "Connectify" which makes the PC a wireless LAN hotspot to connect products such as iPad and smartphone at high speed to the Internet It will also be possible.

Also, since "Connectify Dispatch" is planning to publish the API, application developers and others can incorporate the functions of this software into their products.

By the way, the UI of "Connectify Dispatch" seems to be planning such a feeling.

That's why the explanation is ended with the message "Please participate in the beginning of the network revolution".

It is possible to invest from 1 dollar in this project, and it is accepting investment until 9:00 pm on Friday, September 7 in Japan time. At the time of writing, you can get a license for "Connectify Hotspot PRO", a license for "Connectify Dispatch" and a software that allows you to hot spot a PC if paying $ 50 (around 4000 yen).

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I tried using "Dispatch" which realizes stable high-speed Internet connection by bundling multiple mobile routers and wireless LAN - GIGAZINE

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